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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by mustardseed, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Rep Power

    I noticed that my rep power has been upgraded from 1 to 2. What does that mean?:confused:

  2. That means YOU ROCK DUDE! :D :D :D
  3. Someone has liked your post and added it to your reputation. Welcome to the club of the famous. :D
  4. Oh I see. Thanks for explaining!
  5. How do you do this???:)

    There's been a few that I've wanted to hit, but never seen where to add.
  6. Yeah, I never knew this could be done too. Or is it only available to mods?
  7. Just left to 'Digg this story button' theres a series of buttons. The second one (with the image of scales) is the 'Add to reputation' button. The third is infraction button (yellow-red cards) to report spam post or violations. This feature should be available to all members although I cannot confirm that. I'll log into my test account and find out. :)

    To find out who added to your reputation, visit your usercp: and theres a 'Latest Reputation Received' column.
  8. Thanks Jeff.:)
  9. Add to reputation button


    This is a test account through which I test functionalities available to members. Rep button works! :D

  10. Ooooohh with cool diagrams and circles and arrows too!
  11. :confused:

    Jeff, I can't seem to find the column. Do you only see it if you have "Rep" comments posted?
  12. Yes, thats right. :)
  13. Thanks Jeff!
  14. How many points must you receive before the rep goes up? I have like 13 points. I'm not understanding the point scale vs. the rep scale.. I have a total of four rep comments should that mean I should have rep power 4?

  15. Hello Hrt4christ,

    The point scale is as follows:

    Each time a person likes one of your posts, they can recommend you get a reputation point for that. However, the reputation point scale has not been working properly and we are working on that. Jeff would be the one who would make the recommendation if we are going to continue with that feature.

    Also, for each one thousand post, you automatically get a reputation point. That function is working properly.

    I will keep you updated on the progress of the members giving the points to others.

    Sorry, for the delay in responding, I have been very busy in other areas for a few days.

    God bless,


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