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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Apr 23, 2014.

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  1. I had enough. I keep being bashed and bullied here by stuck up fundamentalists and I can't just believe that someone would mock my opinion about theistic evolution while it is actually true because evolution is just proven in real life, why would someone avoid something what is proven to be true? And then people keep blaming that I insult the scripture and God even though I never insulted the scripture or God, it's just the fundamentalists who say something like "you don't agree with me, that means you are insulting the scripture and God!!!!!", excuse me, your fundamentalism is only a dangerous cult and I know a lot of born again Christians who believe in theistic evolution and who are more openminded about things. I just met one at my Calvary Chapel...

    Alright, I am quitting this website. Don't just ban me, just REMOVE my account, please. Do it! Remove my account completely. Destroy my account.
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    Why not send the mod a pm?

    The patience everyone has shown to you on this site...and yet you say this.
  3. I think Mitspa drove her to the edge :). JK
  4. Sad... She'll be back though.

    On the theistic evolution, the Bible doesn't teach it. It's never been proven, only to those who interpret their data for their Godless worldview. Nevertheless there are many Christians who believe it, and it doesn't hurt their salvation... It's just foolish and makes me mad. I think evolution is the most devilish and destructive teaching. Teaching that God did not create this earth or it's creatures, but that he instead evolved it, how silly and unbiblical! Teaching there was death before Adam and Eve, and that God didn't create man and set him over the animal kingdom, but that he evolved us and we came out on top... Makes me mad....
  5. NOPE!

    When faced with the truth, one must either accept it or run from it. The truth is that Polly has been shown more love and patience and understanding than any one else that I can remember.

    If you post opinions that are out of the norm, you must be able to stand with what you believe or fall/run away.

    I believe we will see this person again.
  6. Nothing, just the normal stuff.
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  7. How... Ignorant... That is not true what you say. I bet you think that dinosaurs are demonic dragons and that they live under our level and that they rise from sinkholes and lakes. And also, some creatures in prehistoric times were actually immortal.
  8. Why on earth would I think that? You call me ignorant yet you think some creatures WERE immortal? Does that even make sense?
  9. Removing your account is about the same as banning you.
  10. A good lie is not entirely false… a good lie is deceptive, have element of truth

    Back elementary days, SCIENCE teachers are STRICT to call it adaptation….

    But now, FALSE teachers tries to generalize adaptation as evolution….which is a false generalization, that is half-truth, a deceptive lie.

    And these kids who know little are easily swayed by their slogan “Evolution is a fact”, that is a deceptive statement.

    Adaptation is a fact... that is, more specific, correct statement...
  11. On a side note, we all have been labeled as "fundamentalist".. Looking up for the definition of that, I am actually proud about myself and everyone :cool:

    A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, by rigid adherence to those principles, and often by intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism.

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