Remind Me

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  1. Remind Me

    I wrote this song as a testimony of my Salvation.

    I was on a downhill slide while running with my friends
    When I heard how Jesus died to save me from my sins
    How one day on a rugged cross, in His amazing grace
    Christ shed His blood for sinners lost, in love He took my place

    I fell down on my knees that day and cried out to God above
    "Forgive me of my sins," I prayed, "and cleanse me with Thy blood
    Teach me, O Lord, to wait on Thee and help me do Thy will
    And remind me of that rugged tree that stood on Calvary's hill.

    No longer in the mire I've been given a heavenly home
    With Christ as my desire, no more in sin I'll roam
    I'll tell the world the story and share Salvation's plan
    How He left His home in Glory to die for fallen man.
  2. That is beautiful. I especially like the part "No longer in the mire I've been given a heavenly home."

    Than you for sharing it with us.


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