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  1. Are we allowed to post links to outside blogs on this site? I publish a "Liberal Christian" blog everyday and every post is relevant to this forum. But, some days (like today) I really wish I could get extra feedback on it from this forum. This particular one is about religious freedom and the Constitution. Don't want to be inappropriate, so I'll await direction. Thanks!
  2. Is it just your blog that you are wishing to post a link to? If so many people have the link to their blog posted as part of their signature. If it is to any other site please see rules 7 and 8.

    In my opinion if you desire to have imput on a specific topic..why not just start a thread and then let people know that your going to copy and paste the answers into your blog.

    Just a thought anyway.
  3. Yes, it's just to my blog and I have it in my signature, so I'll just leave it at that if that's the polite thing to do. And, I like your idea of telling people I'm going to copy/paste answers there. Thanks a bunch.
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    If your going to make a thread it's probably better for you to make some kind of reference to your blog (posting the link to the specific topic) so people can go and investigate if they want to. It will make it easier for them and shows that your being very open about what you plan to do.

  5. I am also being given another idea...when you reply to someone asking them if they mind if you post their response in your blog then you can ask about the name part. That gives the person the option to let you know if they want to be anonymous or not.

  6. That's a great idea - thanks!
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