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  1. I am a believer in god, god is a big part of my everyday life. I'm definitely not perfect. I sin everyday. I guess I worship differently than a lot of people. I put behind me everything I was thought and came to my own conclusions. I don't believe god is this mighty serious spirit. I believe god is just like us with a sense of humour and all. I also don't believe in giving money to the collection plate, you're just paying the preachers salary. The way I look at it is that when Jesus used to be here he never asked for a penny and still thought gods word. I think religion is men made and I don't follow any. When asked I say I believe in god but I don't follow religion. I also don't believe that god will leave you when you sin, I sin all the time yet god still answers my prayers and is there for me everyday. I believe that as long as you have god in your heart and have faith and make god a significant part of your life you're ok.
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  2. You mention God alot but not Jesus. What are your beliefs on Him?
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  3. Hmm... I believe in Jesus but I don't think we should pray to him, because god is the one that answers prayers. I have never prayed to Jesus or said "in Jesus name" at the end of my prayer and god has still never failed me. So I still question how much truth is in having to get to god by saying "in Jesus name" at the end of your prayer. Things are just how they are. God is here with each one of us as long as we have him in out heart and have him lead out life and believe his path is the best. That's just my beliefs.
  4. You don't have to say in Jesus name. But Jesus is the only mediator between us and God. This is in scripture. Do you believe the bible is Gods word or just something man wrote? Just trying to get a feel for what you believe
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    thats a good question. I believe some of it to be gods word. A lot of it contradicts itself and what god represents. So some I think was written by men. God represents love and forgiveness, acceptance...etc. while some of the bible talks about punishment, like eye for an eye. I don't agree with that. I say let god
  6. So you believe what agrees with what you would think or feel and if it disagrees with what you think is correct, right, or good, you reject that it? Just curious...
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  7. No not necessarily. I look at it like this, would god really hold a grudge? I personally don't think so I think it might all come down to what your perception of god is and what you see him to be. I just believe, I know he's capable of doing wonderful things. I just don't see how anger, vengeance and god go together
  8. Well there are many facets and aspects to God. Yes God is love and mercy but He is also Holy and just. In the Bible we have different covenants. In the Covenant made with Israel at Horeb (Sinai in Arabia, the land of Midian) it was an IF/THEN covenant. A conditional covenant. God says over and over to these people, IF you do this THEN I will do this, but IF you do that, THEN I will do that (see Deuteronomy 28). This was the agreement they covenanted with God. They were now bound to it.

    Now I do not know if you are a parent, but if you are you will know what I mean here. If your child is being rebellious and disobedient do you molly colly them and excuse them saying..."Don't worry...its okay...I love you...". Really? Can't you see how this would be the opposite of love? You would be setting up your child to eventually hurt themselves or someone else. Knowing the end from the beginning carries great responsibility (children do not always have wisdom). If I didn't slap my daughters hand when small every time she tried to stick her finger into the wall socket eventually she would have succeeded and daughter was strongly self willed and insistent and even after many warnings from love and even a few slaps to the hand she put hers right on the hot stove...guess what? She learned then...but did it really have to come to that? In my day we did not have little plug covers for the outlets (they had not been made yet) and well...a stove is a have to cook.

    So the Old Covenant was one of JUSTICE not was about the LAW not grace....God did those things and cannot be faulted, the people got exactly what they covenanted to have....

    God is not some mamby pamby do gooder liberal and He is not a raving right wing megalomanic...He is has nothing to do with what or how one perceives or judges Him. We do not judge God. If you think God is just this little modernist love-god you are not aware of who or what God is (all we know about God is revealed in His we see Christ make a whip and throw over the money changers tables...calling the Pharisees vipers and hypocrites and threatening them with hell if they do not repent)...did you know Jesus talks noire of judgment and hell than He does about love?

    Your way or choose

  9. you say alot contradicts itself, please give examples. You sound alot like I did when was following Druidry. I also felt the bible contradicted itself; please believe when I say it doesn't. Do please give examples.
  10. I can't pin point exact examples because I do not read the bible all the time. But when it talks about punishing and eye for an eye. Like really! I thought god was love and understanding. Don't it also say if you get slap turn the other cheek too. So is it turn the other cheek too or is it eye for an eye?? I'm trying to understand. I think that's why I don't follow religion and read the bible much. All I know god is with us protects us and loves us.
  11. What do you base your understanding of God upon? Is it just your own thoughts? Have you been "born-again" do you have the Holy Spirit? Do you believe the bible as Gods Word?
  12. What I think this is, is that a legalist has lost the debate of law and grace. Now they come on this forum as a so-called believer who wants to try and make the grace of God appear as a doctrine that promotes sin. Have no fear, the doctrines of grace assure true holiness and God is not mocked by those who attempt to make His grace appear in this manner, nor by those who have no fear of God.
  13. Magdalena, before Jesus was the old law. This is where you get the eye for an eye. Jesus brought the new law. In the old testament the Jews sacrificed animals for offerings to God. The new testament Jesus is the sacrifice. He took every sin in the world (every possible sin ever) and died for all of us. Jesus has already forgiven our sins we just have to believe He is the son of God and died for all of us and defeated death on the third day. Jesus is God, this is fact and scripture will back this up.
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  14. "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
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  15. The law in the old testament was there to show how serious sin is and to show us that none of us have kept it. The law lets us know that we are sinners in need of Jesus, because we have no righteousness of our own to stand on. An eye for an eye shows how damaging sin is and it's consequences and that for justice to be obtained it is a serious matter. Thank God Jesus paid for our sins and we don't have to pay for the sins we have committed.

    We turn the other cheek because who are we to judge when we see from the law that we all have righteousness that is as filthy rags. When we know the love that God gave to us and gives to us we are compelled through his righteous Holy Spirit to love as well.

    As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one" (Romans 3:10).

    "All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags" (Isaiah 64:6).

    God who is holy and perfect cannot have imperfection dwelling with him. He sent Jesus to pay for our sins so we could be righteous by what Jesus did.
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  16. But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. Mathew 5:39 NASB

    This verse is talking about an insult, most likely a religious insult. God doesn't want us to be so passive to allow someone to harm our loved ones just because. Jesus was persecuted and killed for his beliefs. If the Government were to arrest me for being a Christian then yes I will gladly go with them for my beliefs. If they decide to kill me so be it. My Lord died for my salvation, it is the least I could do. If someone on the street attacks my family and tries to rape my wife, it is my job and duty to protect them from evil.
  17. Sin is so devastating that God gave Adam and Eve everything and their one sin, their lack of faith and trust in God led to all the destruction we have on earth today because through them sin entered the world. Sin is serious. It is not that God does not love us. It is that God does not love sin and sin's consequences.
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  18. Olivia was being nice, God hates all sin.
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    And you are what? A Christian? Yet you judge me. You don't know anything about me yet you base your judgment on the little that you have read that I posted. You have no idea about my relationship with god so don't say things you don't know
  20. Ok
    ok since that's the case, which it is cuz it's in the bible. Than someone please explain to me how than me being a sinner and sinning everyday god still answers my prayers and gives me what I ask for?? See that's why I'm confused

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