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    If we are going to become more like Jesus, then we have to become less of us , which allows more of Him to shine through.
    Therefore, God is going to deal with our "flesh" first , in all areas where we are the most unlike Jesus.
    The NT speaks of "pruning", or "molding the clay", and this is in fact a lifelong process whereby God deals with us as Sons , Hebrews 12:6, and it tends to be a chalice experience.

    The reason most Christians dont deal well regarding God's pruning and the shaping transforming experience.... and are surprised by it, is because we live in a "Media driven-Entertainment" type of Christianity where huge TV ministries have to preach "love yourself, feel good" messages to maintain the huge crowds to pay for their Network air time.
    Mega Churches have become the status symbol of a Pastor's success, and to keep these running, they generally have to preach a mostly "feel good" type of amateur psychology message all the time and give a 15 second "alter call" at some point towards the end of their message so it "feels" legit.
    And because of this, the reality of the REAL Christian experience is not being told truthfully enough often enough from the Pulpit, and as a result a contemporary Christian will think that anything that hurts, or that they have to endure, or in general does not feel good in their life, must be the devil.
    However, the NT teaches that "Jesus learned obedience by the things that he suffered".
    And as we are being transformed into him, we are also going to sometimes find God working on us, and its not always fun and games, but it does create us to be more like Jesus.....which is the main thing with God.....and the ultimate end result of our Salvation.
    God is good all the time, and sometimes what is "good" for us is experienced during a process he is continuing in us that transforms us to be more like Jesus.
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  2. Kidron this could have been a really good post if you left out your knocking of ministries.
    Every time I turn around it is this tv ministry preaching love your self to get money this and that and mega churches.

    Here is a simple request.....check the judgment at the door and write about Christ and the word of God. If you have aught against ministries that also use the media via tv to get the gospel preached then that is on your hands but it is not needed any where else.

    I am not trying to jump on you here but this is something God has birthed in me and judging His servants even by putting them down is not going to fly with Him. It will however give our enemy the devil right to come and begin to set up shop to steal, kill and destroy.
    Have a wonderful day
  3. Well, Jim, first of all, we dont need you to feel that you are designated as the internet Christian Forum police.
    God has not chosen you to hang around Christian Forums to evaluate and rate us all., ok, "brother"?
    Am i getting through?
    You're not spiritually up for the self anointed job of Internet judge and jury of >one<, and if you dont mind keeping your evaluation of the worth of people's Threads to yourself, then i wont continue to consider you to be a rude and obnoxious person // baby Christian.

    Jim....You first judged my post, then you judged me, then you say God is dealing with you about all this.
    Well, he's not dealing with me about all this.\
    So, you need to judge yourself and stay really quiet.
    Maybe that's his judgment.
    If its not His, then have no doubt that its mine.


  4. Many "mega" churches are testaments to God's pleasure with His servants within them---so much so, that He blesses them with the hungering and thirsting.
  5. brother you need to change your attitude real quick.
    You constantly put down on ministries which is not correct.
  6. I think most of the TV church are of the charismatic persuasion or prosperity preachers. There are multiple heresies coming out of this movement. I refer you to the 19 hour Strange Fire Conference, hosted by John MacArthur which can be seen on youtube. It produces such things as the Holy Spirit Hokey Pokey.
  7. Greetings Kidron,
    This forum is a wonderful place and un like other forums out there on the internet and why is this ? Because members here do not constantly belittle or put down on other servants of God. There is a reason for this and you will find it in His most Holy and precious written word.

    I know you are new here BUT this is no excuse for rude behavior towards me or any other servant of God. I do not hold this against you brother but as long as you knock, belittle or put down on other ministries I will say something about it. It is not that God is dealing with me for doing this it is something He showed me about people claiming to be walking upright in Him and yet lack Love, Forgiveness and Respect for His word and His servants.

    I pray you will one day grasp this and learn the true meaning of Integrity in Christ.
    God Bless You
  8. John MacArthur is a cessationist, isn't he? If so, he has his own agenda. Sounds like a whole conference of mockery against the Holy Spirit and people of God.
  9. I don't know....let's take a look at the new testament example; how did Jesus and the apostles live? What was their lifestyle like when it came to material things? We cannot see any of them living the luxurious extravagant lifestyle that you see some of these big TV preachers living.
    Now, I realize that God blessed many of his greatest servants and Israel as whole with much material wealth in the Old Testament, and this is often used as "proof" that God wants to shower this type of material blessings on all of us today. That it is good and proper to live luxuriously because it is God's sign of "favour" and that it shows appreciation for what God has blessed us with. BUT, this was the old testament way, it is clearly stated and promised throughout the old testament that God would bless His people with abundant material possessions in if they were obedient and faithful to Him. This is not stated or promised to us in this lifetime in the new testament. I know some people like to use some verses in the new testament to support the idea of promised material wealth but the verses that are often quoted are either misunderstood or taken out of context. We need to understand the bible as a whole and see that some of the ways that God deals with His people have changed.
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  10. Jesus and His followers had no lack. They always had more than enough. That continues with His family today.

  11. Hello Mykuhl,
    Would you show me where you find that in the NT God is not wanting to bless us abundantly as he did in the OT ?
    Thanks my Friend
  12. Thee Blessing of the Lord is where all of us should beliving.
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  13. For many reasons, I have gone to a variety of churches. My reasons for changing had much more to changes in my circumstances than to any perceived deficiencies in those churches I regularly attended.

    Maybe I just switch the channel when I see a broadcast sermon that I think is more self-serving than God serving, but I don't spend a lot of time analyzing them. I do feel that watching s sermon on TV is so much unlike attending a service and interacting with other Christians that unless there are reasons why church cannot be attended, I see little merit in watching at home.

    I have attended very large churches, I have attended very small churches.
    The large churches were fulfilling the needs of many very different situations and levels of growth. They do this with a variety of ministries that target more specific needs on a smaller group and individual basis. The smaller churches were commonly composed of very similar walk of life.

    I don't think either approach is fundamentally superior to the other, even if they are different in 'feel'.

    I have noticed that the smaller churches seem to be much more judgmental concerning those outside of their congregation. After attending one small church, the preacher and another member came to visit (based on the card I filled out). They spent most of their time warning me about the bad teaching and unspiritual nature of the other churches in the area. But when I went to that church, I was struck by the unwelcoming nature of the whole congregation. They seemed to be composed of two families that had several marriages combining their families. I had the feeling that we had sat in someone else's seats and everyone was talking across my wife & I. I really did not want to intrude on their family gatherings again.

    That is the most egregious example, but many small churches spend a lot of time preaching against the other churches in their area. To be fair, a small church I was attending a few years ago did a very good job teaching and building up its members. Thad identified a few core ministries and worked hard to support those. They recognized that they were primarily a family church, and although single adults were welcome and were encouraged, they did not water down their teaching by trying to cover too many bases. Instead, they partnered with a couple of other small churches. The announcements for the activities of each of these other churches were read to encourage those that had needs beyond those of the small church to find where those needs could be addressed.

    The problem with the large churches is that it is easy to get lost in the crowd. The successful large congregations spend a lot of effort to make everyone welcome without putting anyone 'on the spot'. I have found that a church where their preaching staff included several gifted preachers gave a greater breadth and depth to the teaching as a whole.
  14. Hi Jim,

    I can not recall anywhere in the new testament that it states That He does NOT want to bless us materially as He did in the Old testament, as a direct "no I am not going to bless you in this way" type of idea. But, on the other hand it does not clearly state or promise that he will do so either... that is my point. What is promised to us individually is abundant spiritual blessings if you walk in the Spirit, and having your NEEDS met. The rewards given richly to us to abundantly enjoy are promised when Jesus takes His reign over everything.

    Just to make things clear, I want to state that I have no personal or hidden agenda in any statement I make. My only desire is to know the truth and to stand in it.
  15. Please remember rule #3

    Rule 3.0 Disruptions to the friendly environment at CFS by anyone will not be tolerated.
  16. Cessationist is a label and yes, MacArthur does fall in this category but you cannot speak to something if you do not hear the man out. Someone dropped a video of his on this forum (I had never heard of him)and I found that altho I don't agree with every single word out of his mouth, he backs what he preaches with in context scripture, after scripture, after scripture, cross referenced with more scripture. And there is a whole lotta truth in his message. You will blast a man for something you don't agree with and that's ok? But no one else has the priviledge? Scripture tells us to reveal the false teacher/preacher/misleasder. How does one do that with what you say? Oh's only those you fancy.
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  17. You speak the truth Silk. MacArthur does speak a lot of truth and does back up what he says with a lot of scripture and I respect the man for doing that. I personally think that the problem lies in holding on to a particular ideology so strongly that it closes a person off to considering a different way of thinking. I believe this is one of the reasons there is so much division in the church.
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  18. Hello Siloam,
    The one thing I find that is awesome about being able to watch a ministry on TV is that it allows one to get into the word or be taught of the word above your times in your church. God has always directed me to different ministries at times when he knew they were teaching something He wanted to incorporate into my life or what he was doing in it.

    As far as the size of the church I think it truly depends on the person or member. Some people like a lot of folks around and some dont and some learn more in smaller churches and others dont. Seems like there is a place for us all.
    God Bless YOU
  19. Mykuhl you always make me smile. lol
    There is alot in the NT and I can show you some later if you like.
    Have a wonderful day my Friend
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    If one is a cessationist, then one is lacking in receiving some truth. He has yet to come to the place of truth regarding Holy Spirit.
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