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  1. Well i will give some background first.I am 19 years old and i have been a Christian my entire life. I started dating my Girlfriend when i was 15 years old and we have been dating ever since and ( like every relationship) it has had its ups and downs. my girlfriend on the other hand does not have the same strong foundation in God. She is a christian as well but does not see the same views as i do as far as what is right and wrong based on our faith. Anyways, we love each other and have come a long way in the last 4 years but now she is at the point where she doesn't feel "in love" with me. I understand that she desires that feeling of in love like when we first started dating but love is not a feeling, feelings change and i tried to explain to her that real true love is a choice and an action. she doesn't necessarily agree with me. I love this woman to death and am trying everything i possibly can to show her that and to make our relationship prosper but nothing seems to work. she is more interested in being with her friends. I could really use some advice on what would help. I firmly believe despite everything that God put her in my life for a reason and that we can get through this phase and be happy together again. Any advice or input is highly appreciated.
  2. Let her go....

    Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven...God will His time when He thinks you are ready.

    If she wants to be your wife, she will come around. If not God might have something BETTER for you if you do things HIS way.

    A started screwing my life up at 18-don't be me....
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  3. Care to better explain? Christians hate sin. Christians know what sin is.
  4. she has accepted Christ as her savior and goes to church with me but like all humans we are born into sin and we sin every single day

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