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  1. Hello! I've sort of been casually dating a guy for 2 weeks, we've known each other for 3 weeks. All of a sudden this week, I get an email stating he "just wants to be friends", and that he needs some time. That he has some heart issues to deal with that he thought were over and done with from another relationship he had. Don't worry, we're both solid Christians. The fact that he "just wants to be friends" is kindof a foreign concept to me, because of the way he has acted towards me, and as it has been said, "actions speak louder than words". He has held my hand, and even briefly kissed me, and has also made comments like "I might just have to marry you for that!"

    I don't know how exactly to explain it, but ever since I've known this guy, he's brought sunshine to my life! He brightens my day and makes me happier than I ever knew possible! Just within the first week, when we were only communicating with email and texting, I felt such a connection with him, so attracted to him, solely by his personality.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on things I can do to help myself get through this time, and anything I can do to help him? I've been praying about our relationship, and for God to guide both of us, but if there's something more I can do, I'd like to! This is a relationship that I would really like to succeed, if that's God's will!
  2. Given the short time frames, his hesitancy and caution actually sound like good things. Give him a little time and space to work out his feelings. As for you, just continue being you. Try not to become anxious. Take this time to seek God and what He wants for each of you. I don't know what kind of issues he may be having from the other relationship, but it will be better for both of you if he can work those out before proceeding with his relationship with you; he'll be dragging less baggage.
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  3. Thanks for the advice Rumely! However, "just being me" is easier said than done. This may be considered a "long distance relationship" as we live about 2 hours away from each other, so the only time we physically see each other is when we make a point of doing so! Basically, our main method of communication is through texting and emailing. And its hard to "be me" through those venues, not near as easy as it is in person.

    I don't really have a clue either as to what issues from his other relationship he has, as this is my first "real relationship". But thanks immensely for your input! :)
  4. Take this a chance to search for God and what He wants for each of you. I don't know what type of problems he may be having from the other relationship.
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  5. I can understand your condition. You must meet once and talk further. If there is any fewer issues, it can be solved through discussion. If you are in a position of staying out than must think widely. In this concern I may suggest you the name of Christian Online as they have made out of a situation with better assistance. Take care and thanks for the conversation.
  6. Hello :)
    He sounds like a genuinely lovely man, so I think you shouldn't just give up, but you have only been together a very short while, maybe you two are really supposed to be that, friends. Possibly you can help him through his pain as a friend and still bring joy into each others lives, then maybe in the future can develop further :) good luck.
  7. Hmmm. My guess is she's moved on since this post was from 2012. :)
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