Rekindeling The Reformation

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  1. Not an easy message, but I pray you get a blessing from it.

  2. Better to go with the Bible rather than post-Biblical Christianity with its many flaws. Elements of Reformed Theology are unBiblical. While they claim salvation by faith, they subtract faith as a necessary requirement in the case if infant baptism, and the reformers (including John Calvin) advocated and practiced the murder of those who disagreed with infant baptism, so strong was their false doctrine of infant baptism to their "Reformed Theology".

    Furthermore Reformed Theology gets the order of faith and regeneration wrong. Those of a Reformed Theology invoke Calvin, Luther and Augustine, who don't allow to be scrutinized, over that of invoking what the Bible says. Calvinism is largely a fatalisitic puppet theology, denying the free will, teaching that God holds people accountable for things over which they have no control. And by doing so they portray God as unjust. For more see

    Let us not rekindle the Reformation. Let us rekindle Biblical Christianity.
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    The History of the "Covenant of Love" ..
    (aka; a Covenant of Trust/Faith) and ..
    How Salvation became a "Free Gift" to us ..

    Separation ..

    about 4040 BC - in the Garden of Eden (east Eden) ..
    God told Adam: "Do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge" ..
    satan tricked Eve, who then convinced Adam also to eat from it ..

    because Adam failed this "test of Faith" his lack of love through disobedience to God (the opposite of Abraham's obedience) ..
    his actions were then imputed upon the rest of mankind .. which was "costly" for us to be deemed unworthy, and was cursed with spiritual "separation from God" ..
    which is God being just, and not offering His Kingdom of Heaven as an inheiritance to us

    Salvation (part 1) ..

    about 2020 BC - on Mt Moriah (Jerusalem, Israel) ..
    God asked Abraham: "Do you love me with your "ALL" ..
    Abraham replied: "yes God, with my ALL, and above ALL" ..
    so God said: "if there is nothing you put above me, then sacrifice Isaac your only heir for Me ..

    because Abraham passed this "test of Faith" his love through obedience to God (the opposite of Adam's disobedience) ..
    his actions could then be imputed upon mankind (spiritual descendant) .. which we are now deemed worthy, and are "freely" offered, the spiritual "Gift of Salvation" ..
    which is God loving us with His ALL, and offering His only heir as a sacrifice for us

    Salvation (part 2) ..

    about 4 BC to 29 AD - at Bethlehem/Golgotha (Israel/outside the gate) ..
    God sent His only heir/Son, as He promised Abraham He would, and He was born in the flesh ..
    God said: whomsoever loves Him (believes in, repents and obeys) with their ALL (best they can) these I will grant the right to be "sons of God" and take away their sins ..
    so God kept His promise because of the actions of Abraham's obedience, He sent His only Son and heir to die for the disobedience of Adam's actions, which caused the separation from God imputed upon us ..
    and God's only Son and heir Jesus, was sacrificed for the penalty of sin (which is death) which could then be applied o whomsoever did believe in, repent and obeyed with their ALL (best they can) ..

    so therefore (because of Abraham) God FREELY GIVES THE GIFT OF SALVATION (forgiveness of sin) in a "Covenant of Love" with whomsoever believes in, repents and obeys Him ..
    thus becoming a spiritual descendant of Abraham, and heir of the promise of Salvation to whom it was given ..
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  4. Thank you for sharing this with us...

    Just a note on Adam, actually Eve did nothing more than turn around and he bit... no convincing, he just bit ... :oops:

    God asked Abraham if he loved Him as our Lord Jesus asked Peter do you love me... John 2:15-17
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    I agree that there were many character flaws in some reformers, that is not debatable. And there were indeed flaws in some of their theology. But it is not the flaws that carried the reformation, it is the truth as it is in Jesus that they uncovered that was hidden for over a millennium from the people. It served and serves as a stepping stone as Jesus leads His people little by little into a more fuller revelation of Himself. To reform is to come back to primitive Christianity as it was in apostolic times. This IS biblical Christianity. To reform is indeed what we need at this time.
  6. Sad though that there were ZERO Calvinists in apostolic times for over 300 years (even Augustine is grossly misrepresented by Calvin). No one taught by the Apostles or the men they taught and appointed held this doctrine...and they were solidly Biblical
  7. I am not about defending Calvinism or Lutheranism or any other label many want to pigeon hold protestantism to. What I am interested is in the truth that the reformation rediscovered which was hidden during the dark ages by the tradition of men and by the obscurity of scripture.
  8. Oh I see! I thought you were saying that "This IS biblical Christianity" which it so obviously is not. Sorry!
  9. no worries:) An easy assumption to make. God bless!
  10. I have heard this man speak before, and he always attacks others with a ungodly attitude and false charges. Now I know that he represents the SDA church (they always seem to hide that fact?) and are always pointing out the errors of others in order to hide the errors of their own group. I am a solid "protestant-reformer" but I find in many that are members of the RCC, a much more sincere faith than most in the group this man represents. If the SDA is the "reformed" church? I will join the RCC...

    Lu 6:43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    Lu 6:44 For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
  11. Two bold charges. I cannot speak to his character, I have not observed negative behavior personally but I am sure it is possible , he is human (not that it is excusable but that is between him and God). As Jesus says, He who is with out sin cast the first stone. Now, with out getting into petty arguments, what would you conclude is the pillar of his argument and what is false about it? I definitely would not say that everything he says is infallible, but fundamentally I think he is on target so far.
  12. Well, see it does not matter whether the message is true (correct) or not, (satan and his servants always appears as a minister of righteousness) This was my point, that these SDA preachers use the appearance of righteousness and pointing out the faults in others to draw others into their own errors. This is how satan works, and my point was to point this out. I suggest you should not associate yourself with such people, but bring the topic forward by a more godly source.
  13. I am not sure I can agree with that logic. If the message is possibly correct, how can we conclude not to listen to it or consider it? We dare not be willfully ignorant. Also I do not see that he points faults out in people as much as errors in systems that are misleading the flock. Nothing wrong with that, in fact to remain silent is even worse from a biblical perspective Eze 33:4. Don't you agree? God bless.
  14. Well, the devil-satan is very good at fault-finding, thus his name means the "accuser". And again he always uses the appearance of teaching what is right, but only for the purpose of bringing Gods people into bondage to some greater lie. So my warning of this man and his group are proper and in context of not being deceived by the devices of satan again who "always" appears as teaching righteousness. Just wondering, are you a member of the group this man represents, in some way?
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    If your asking me if I am a SDA member, I am. In fact, I used to be a member of the RCC prior to finding Jesus.

    Yes, the devil is indeed good at fault finding, in Gods people which exist in every denomination. But he is also an expert in misleading people and setting up false systems. I think you can also agree to that.

  16. I don't necessarily disagree with any of that exactly, but, and perhaps this is overly cynical, I suspect that any general new reformation "movement" throughout the church will just inevitably result in multiple new denominations that will invariably have good things to say, but will also be as not-completely-correct as any of our existing denominations are. I think a lot of the stuff churches do that are branded as "not traditions, but a genuine return to early church practice" end up being just new traditions, really.

    The dark age we need to be the most concerned about is the dark age and obscurity of scripture in each of our own hearts and minds. It is our own individual traditions and underlying assumptions that we may not even be aware of that we need to be "protesting" daily. We should each be constantly undergoing a re-formation in our own hearts, allowing God to be continuously transforming us and conforming our will to His own, making us into a new creation. Yes, "to reform is indeed what we need at this time," but at the end of the day, the only reform that we can ever be completely responsible for is the one going on inside each of our individual selves.

  17. Your right. I am not thinking in terms of reformed institution as much as just a personal experience. In apostolic times, particularly during the early stages shortly after Jesus ascension, everyone was of one accord in spirit and in doctrine. Sin was called by its right name and the flock were generally accepting of Paul's (or Gods) rebukes and praises. They tested everyone by scripture, even if it was Paul speaking. Most of all, they did this with no compromise on doctrine. The bible, particularly Revelation 14, seems to indicate a type of reform among all Christians in the last days. Some will be faithfully sounding the alarm, and there are others who will hear and follow the call to come out of the snare that Satan has spread (Rev 14:8). It will be an amazing and solemn time.
  18. Maranatha Lord, come quickly...
  19. I mean no personal insult, but I was quiet sure that you was and just wanted you to admit it. I think before anyone considers this mans message about issues in the Church or church history, they should have an idea of the system and history of the group that he is attempting to uphold. I find it odd that many SDA seem reluctant to be upfront about their group and almost seem to hide the fact that they are members of this group? Very odd behavior for those who claim to love the truth?
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    Thank you and I am sure you are well meaning. A few points, don't you think the idea you are advocating sounds a little ridiculous, even somewhat discriminatory? For example, we still do not know what denomination you are? You did not come into this forum announcing your denomination. The truth is that is perfectly normal and expected behavior. No one expects you to announce what denomination you are affiliated with. But since you asked, I told you and I have NO problem disclosing. In addition, very few people who make Christian videos ever announce what denomination they are in their productions. This is also not realistic and is discriminatory to even expect that from anyone else.

    Finally, you are probably repeating the slander that you heard. The truth is there are a lot of challenging messages in scripture. It is extremely unrealistic to expect everyone is going to accept them. The exact opposite in fact. Some will accept it, others will fight against it (if its truth). If its error, it tends to be more easily exposed. In either case, I am happy to set the record straight for you.

    One last thing. We are all sentient beings and most people are here are very intelligent about there faith. It is not likely they will be "bamboozled." Those who are honest at heart and want to follow the Lord will search the truth out and I am confident that the Holy Spirit will guide them. That is my conviction at least.

    God Bless,

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