Refusal to Treat PCOS

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  1. My fiancé was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when she was barely a teenager. Although her symptoms persist today, more than a decade later, because she believes that God healed her, she does not want to seek help. I am begging her to see a doctor and get treated, offering to do all her research, but she does not comply. Two of the many long-term consequences of this condition are infertility and diabetes. What can I do?
  2. Hi !
    I know what you're going through is hard, but it's probably hard for her too. I don't know how she feels and how she deals with polycystic ovary syndrome, I did have problem with my ovarian cyst. I can share to you a bit of my testimony about it. It was pretty hard to bear it, and I felt that people did not understand what I was living. I have seen few doctors, each time I felt like they were "attacking" my body (each time I had tests). I took medication, but I felt they were just drugging me. So.. I decided to stop everything. During that time, my friends and family were begging me to continue the medication and see doctors. I was kind of dating someone, He did not "listen" or try to understand how I felt. I felt so lonely and misunderstood. I isolate myself. More people were telling me what to do, more I isolate myself and spent more time to study and working (I was at university at that time).

    Today I know the best is to talk when we are going through hard stuff. What I really wanted was someone with me whatever my choice. I wanted someone to listen, to pray with me, someone who would try to understand how I felt and understand my choice. I didn't want pressure or anything like that.

    I can't tell you what to do... You know, God is almighty.. He is able to heal her or use medicine. God can change her heart, and yours too. God healed me, and I believe He can heal your fiancé too. :)
    I suggest you to spend more time praying with her. Be there for her and show her you are there for her and you respect her decision. I just told you what I wanted from the guy I was seeing.. but didn't have.

    God is The Creator, He is in control in everything.. even illness. Trust Him. :)

    I'll pray for you!!
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  3. Thank you for your kind reply, Prunelle, and for praying. As a man, it is difficult for me to empathize with a problem particular to a woman. I will henceforth mitigate my approach toward my fiancé on this matter.

    I nevertheless believe that it is irresponsible and even selfish to brush a serious problem under the rug; countless women undergo the same problem, and worse, and still submit themselves to long, strenuous treatments. Why should I not also? Although God is mighty, we must always be prudent.
  4. I would probably refuse to undergo such treatment as well because the treatment is usually on hormonal basis with many by-effects. If she refuses to visit a doctor at all, she may be afraid of this treatment and of being forced to it. You can talk with her more about it and about possibilities of treatment. You should assure her that you will not force her into anything (just imagine that you should undergo hormonal treatment yourself).
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  5. This is a joke but I think it proves a point:

    The weather forecast called for a lot of rain. As the waters rose the police came by and warned the man of rising waters. He replied "I trust God to take care of me." Later as his neighborhood was flooded the fire department came by to rescue him and he gave the same reply. Later still as he sat on his roof completely surrounded by water for miles and miles, the army came with a helicopter to rescue him and he replied again "I trust God." When the man entered the pearly gates, having died, he asked God why God didn't save him, and God said "I gave you the forecast, sent the police, the fire department and the army. What more did I need to do?"

    It's like praying to win the lottery for years and years begging God. Then one day you hear this audible voice saying "Go buy a ticket already would you!"

    We all expect miracles, but sometimes the miracles are in the hands of obedient people.
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  6. We are saying what we think, but what the Bible says? What God says? What should we do as christians? It could be interesting having a Bible study about it. What do you think?
  7. I think that she needs to consult a doctor immediately.
  8. Unfortunately, the best you will probably get is that she prays about it and listens to God..

    For now, though - all you can do is to put it into God's hands and let it be.


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