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  1. Reflexology

    Does anyone here know about this stuff?

    Last night I was lured to a session by my MIL. I was told he was a homeopath doctor. (something I support& believe in.)

    When we got there my DH went first. He hopped up on the table, and the "doctor" took out a crystal to "check his polarity". Then he proceeded to go around the table.

    Next he "checked his magnetic field" with little vials of stuff. It all seemed hocus pocus to me. But I know a little about magnetic fields and such, so some of it seemed to make sense to me.

    The last alarming thing was in the end he asked (no one in particular) how long did my DH have to wait for this treatment to take hold. The answer (determined by his muscles) was 5 hours.

    When I saw the crystal come out of the guys pocket, I started praying. My prayer was that if I/we shouldn't be there, God would let us know...and if there was something going on in the room that would make him unhappy, to protect us.

    When my turn came, I got up on the table, and I noticed that he took much less time with me. He never asked how long I would have to wait for the treatment to take hold. He just moved me around like a chiropractor or massage therapist would. He also didn't use many of the vials.

    What do you guys think?

    This morning, all I can think of is that all he needed was a shrunken head, chicken feathers, and loincloth...[​IMG]
  2. One of the characters in the tribulation movie had a crystal and his Christian sister warned him about putting faith into magic rather than God.

    At the end of the movie, he threw the crystal away.

    I myself don't believe in crystals or their healing power. We get a lot of tourists here on the reservation asking where we keep our healing crystals - and we're like "keep our what?"


    But Kitsap, I really do believe in sugar pills, I do, I do!:D

    One time I was sick, soooo sick! The doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, so he gave me these little orange pills.

    Later on, when I was well, he told me that it was sugar pills. Placebo. "My faith had restored me," hee hee hee.:eek:
  3. I get ya. The mind can heal the body if it truely believes. Faith of a mustard seed.

    I watched intently to see if I could figure out what exacly he was doing...Never in my life have I seen anyone work on a patient like was weird.
  4. I'm not a fan of any sort of 'channeling power' healing, but I do have a christian friend who works as a reflexologist.
    She doesnt use any of the crystals or anything like that, it is just the hands on massage type stuff.
  5. ...on the flip side, do you ever watch House?

    On TV, in one episode, everybody on a flight back from Tokyo (or somewhere over there) was getting sick with symptoms of meningitis. House knew, of course, that people were making themselves sick throught he power of suggestion, because he was creating the symptoms of their illness to test his theory.

    I like that show, it's fascinating.

    But yeah - I've never been to one of those types of healers.

    Is he Christian?

  6. Yeah, I like the show too...but if he were my doctor, I'm afraid I would need an extra dose of patience, or I'd punch him in the mouth.
  7. I was concerned because like I said, I believe in natropathy, and chiropractors, and massage therapists...but I'd never seen anything like this in my life!
  8. I posted this on the other forum I belong to. Received the same reaction.

    My MIL is paying for the entire family to visit this man.

    Please pray that she will be receptive when I refuse to let the kids go. She's not an easy person to say no to.
  9. I had no idea until I read the site you mentioned that reflexology was viewed this way. Thanx for the enlightenment. My mom dabbled in this stuff. She went to the Christian Science Church in her youth and a lot of her beliefs passed on to us kids was how powerful the body was in healing itself and such. My aunt was a Reflexologist and many times worked on my hands and feet and gave what I thought, was great advice. However she died at 63 of Pancreatic Cancer.

    I remember grandpa went to "pow-wows" to try to find out what his illness was and took my mom along as a child. I don't think they once considered this wrong in God's eyes. Maybe it's a good thing this was brought up, because I know we were all raised differently. There are a lot of dangerous trains of thought out there that calls to us, and we should seek God before we consider any thing like this.
  10. Honey...which "Pow-wows" did he attend?

    On my own reservation, pow-wows are meant to be a large dance in celebration of the Creator (God). We also exchange goods (trade) and give names, hold memorials, and sneak in some fun.

    Fun (just so I don't get into trouble) is like the Wannabe Dance. Anybody who is of any culture other than Native American is encouraged to get up and dance to a special song. There's no steps to follow...just make up your own dance. People have a riot, and it's become a favorite event.

    Once in a while, someone might set up a stand selling crystals and such. However, this is frowned upon. Nobody in my tribe sells crystals or uses them to heal or places any special powers into them.

    To us, crystals are more of a new-age thing. We often have visitors come to the reservation, non-Indian, who are wearing crystals and tell us that they can feel our auras and such. Some of them tell us they can tell our futures by whatever color stones we pull out of a bag. Of course, this doesn't gain them any credibility with us.:eek:

    I, like a lot of other tribal members here, strongly believe in Jesus Christ and God. We always give thanks before each meal, and in our ceremonies we're constantly praying to Them.

    Pow-wows are our time of celebrating God; they're not meant as a time of physical healing.


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