Reexamination of prayer and worship

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  1. If idols are prayed to and worshiped, and alcohol is an idol, then we must reexamine what prayer and worship are, because nobody looks to them in a way that we would normally call prayer and worship. So what are they?
  2. It's called Idolatry .
  3. Yeah, I think it can teach us about worship.
  4. Anything that you spend a consider amount of time thinking about, more than the things of God would be called an idol.
    Prayer, and worship happens when you have you heart and mind set on the things above where Christ sits on the right hand of God.
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  5. Right, I'm talking about laymens terms.
  6. Not really understanding the question or point. Alchol is an idol or addiction?
  7. Not addiction. I wouldn't consider it that.
  8. What would you call it then.
  9. I call alcoholism, an addiction, a disease. I call the obsession with alcohol idolatry. As paul did.

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