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Redneck Medical Terms

Discussion in 'Humor' started by New2Christ, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Redneck Medical Terms

    Barium- What the undertaker does to 'em once the doctors are through with 'em.

    Benign- What a kid id after they be eight

    Cauterize- To have gotten noticed by a women.

    Cyst- To give someone in need a helpin hand.

    Dilate- It sure beats dyin' early

    Impotent- Significant and distinguished.

    Node- To have been acquainted with someone in the past.

    Pap Smear-To insult your pappy.

    Pathology- the study of trails.

    Rectum- Crashed 'em, totaled 'em.

    Tumor- Not just one more.

    X-rayed- For adult audiences only.

  2. I like it.....

  3. Them's funny! :D

    Hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch, ifin ya was to ask me.
  4. HEHE!
    That is great! never heard that'n bafore!

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