Red Socks Win!!!

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  1. Red Socks Win!!!

    Never was a baseball fan...until our little corner of the world got a true sports hero.

    Watched the game last night (taped it).

    Our hero is Jacoby Ellsbury.

    He played in little league on our reservation's team! :)

    We all know his mom and family, they're all so wonderful.

    God truly works miracles in his life. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I'm very happy for him. He looks like he'll be a good player for a long time.
  3. This world series was too one sided.... Not too exciting..... Not like last year when Detroit Tigers won. Oh well there is always next year for the Toronto Blue Jays. Anyways congratulations to you

  4. Why, thank you, Miss Dusty! :)
  5. NP ..... Mr Whirlwind He He :D:D Why are we being so formal ?
  6. I just feel silly...

    You ever get to thinking about God and Jesus and all that they do for us...and then your heart starts to tickle and then you just burst forth with glee and silliness? I've been getting like that a lot lately.
  7. Okay, we had a parade for Jacobi Ellsbury today. Rain or shine, they said, the small town would have a parade. It rained.

    We stood in the rain. We brought things for Jacoby to autograph (caps, shirts, baseballs, photos, etc.). The entire town seemed to be there.

    We showed up early and didn't know where the parade was, so we went to the high school. In the empty parking lot, Jacoby himself came out of the school and ran right in front of our car. He smiled and waved at us. We were too shocked to do anything.

    Just before the parade, I saw him again. I asked him to autograph my baseball cap and he said no, he was going to sign everything at the end.

    My heart was crushed!

    He was right there. It would have taken all of ten seconds for him to sign my cap, to make my day. We've watched his progress from beginning to end. :(

    Everybody gathered at the high school afterwards, and it was packed! It had also just rained on everybody, so it was very uncomfortable. But people were so excited to see Jacoby!

    It seemed like everybody...Every Body...had something for Jacoby to sign. There were home-made signs. Pom-poms, people of great self-importance walking around with "Committee" tags around their necks.

    Cheers, screams, grouchy people, excitement.

    I looked around and thought...what am I doing here? He crushed my heart by not signing the cap for me...and all these people are here to see him. How should I be feeling about this?

    Jacoby is a man, nothing more. Created by God. The same as everybody else in that gym. Is it wrong for me to be placing him so high, wanting his autograph? Was this support for a small-town hero...or was it turning dangerously into something else?

    Jennifer Anniston is also in town, filming a movie. Whenever she goes out to eat, the restaurant that she frequents flips the sign on their door to CLOSED so she can eat in private.

    Am I becoming one of these people...chasing the famous around for an autograph or a snapshot?

    I left and went to get some Chinese food and to think about this...:(
  8. Whirlwind, God is tugging at your heart strings and you are listening. We have no heros in this world save Jesus Christ . He is our Hero. He is our Idol and you my brother have learned a very valuable lesson. The only one we should be putting on a pedistal is our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ.

    I think this is what is wrong with our value system in our countries that the media has elevated these people so high and young people are falling into these traps because they want to look up to these people. But like you said .... they are just people like you and I and how are they any better than us ?

    God Bless you Whirlwind and I hope you enjoyed your Chinese food. We are a blessed people and don't you forget it.
  9. Thanks, Dusty...:D

    I actually feel a whole lot better about this today.

    Boston might trade Jacobi, and I just started reading the first Left Behind book.:)

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