red and green game

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  1. the "go " button on my desktop
  2. red - the stripe on a traditional peppermint candycane
  3. green-the stripe on a non-traditional candycane.

  4. I should have seen that coming.

    red - the strings on my Garfeild apron
  5. Green - a 100 € note, if I ever get rich enough to actually have one in my wallet.
  6. Red---The inside of the steak I'm going to be eating an hour from now at The Outback Steakhouse.
  7. My AWANA t-shirt (green)
  8. green <my cutting board> :D
  9. Red~my face when I embarrass myself!
  10. green - the dress im wearing right now!
  11. Hey, the ball on my mouse is red!
  12. green: my living room wall paper, :p
  13. red- little beetles in our garden
  14. Green - XP Start button :p
  15. red - the New Call button on my phone
  16. green this smiley:D
  17. LOL good one!

    Red - my kiddo's second place ribbon from swim team.
  18. GREEN...the color of jealousy, a very poisonous thing:sad01_anim:
  19. green withes

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