red and green game

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  1. the most romantic rose color
  2. Your moderator bar
  3. I said that already.

    red - my bag
  4. whoops, :oops:

    the plastic handles of my scissors
  5. the covers of the atlases (sp?) over on the bookshelf
  6. My hot tub cover
  7. The words of Jesus in many Bibles
  8. the leaves of a fig tree
  9. The first part of the official question of the state of New Mexico.
  10. green - the birthday card hanging on my wall
  11. red;..a patch on my quilt
  12. the carpet in this library
  13. The second part of the official question of the State of New Mexico.

    (BTW the official question of the State of New Mexico is 'Red or green?')
  14. red - the lettering on my shirt

    I didn't even know that states had official questions! :shock:
  15. My original reply to this thread somehow got lost in the bit space, as we say in my country. Well, anyway:

    Green - the globe-shaped "piggy bank" on my desk I put my small change in.
  16. Valentine's Day hearts
  17. a toad :mrgreen:
  18. a male Cardinal bird
  19. The crocodile hunter's pet :smt106
  20. one of the three primary colors

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