red and green game

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  1. red and green game

    There are a LARGE amount of things that are red and green.....
    name as many things as you can that are green or red.....
    one per posting in alternating order.....
    NO not alphabetical, lol, takes too many brain cells..

    Have fun!!

    Red: tomato
    now your turn,
  2. green

    grinch :lol:
  3. red paper
  4. red clothes
  5. green chilly
  6. red hair dye
  7. red apples
  8. green grass
  9. red shorts
  10. Red:
    stop sign :shock:
  11. grasshopper :roll:
  12. red Valentine's card
  13. red Christmas stocking
  14. green emerald
  15. red delicious apples
  16. green apples :p

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