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  1. A person in uniform walks around telling others about all the good things they will receive if they just join up to serve; Good pay, life improvement, advancement, training, respect, pride, etc…

    The “recruiter” rarely speaks of the discomforts of service.
    There is little or no mention of the discomfort those not serving will feel around you and how that will often lead them to belittle you (usually quietly but sometimes loudly) or try to avoid you even though you are doing all you can to help them.
    There is little or no mention of how others will often verbally praise your work and hold you up as a good example for others even as they strive to minimize your ability to function and have an impact on the world around you.

    The “recruiter” glosses over the misery of service away from home and that additional training will be required, if those things are mentioned at all.

    No mention is made of how much you will suffer if the enemy gets their hands on you or how it can hurt others (sometimes badly) if you make a mistake.

    No mention is made of the wounds that you and others may suffer even if you do everything exactly the way you are supposed to.

    No mention is made of the fact that your service may cost you your life or that your life and the lives of your team mates may be spent without any apparent effect toward your goals.

    Does it make a difference what kind of uniform the “recruiter” wears (military, police, bible and tie, etc…)?

    Is such a one sided presentation (neglecting the painful/uncomfortable parts) a just thing to do or is it deceptive (lying by omission)?

    If such omission is wrong then how (if at all) is a deceitful “evangelist/preacher” any better or worse that a deceitful military recruiter?

    Mat 24:9-10, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17, John 15:19, 16:33
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  2. I knew a guy who was a missionary in bolivia. He returned home and couldnt get a decent job. I dont know how or why, but he committed suicide. I was really shocked when found out, cos he had a family.

    Im sorry, but these things happen. One time, went on this missionary course thing. To find out what all about. They fail to mention a lot of things like that. Also one thing they really neglected to mention, and I only found out AFTER I started contacting some mission agencies, is that they want you to beg other christians for money to support the admin people. Then this gets doled out to you by the mission board.

    While it is a noble thing to go, count the cost. Also dont neglect the fact that God can easily send native missionaries who wont have to deal with such a big culture shock. We all meant to be doing our bit, but..missionary work takes a lot of prep and not everyone is cut out for it, esp when they new christians. You need to learn a new language amongst other things. You cant be snobby about food. You need to be in good health. You need to totally rely on God.

    A lot of damage is done by missionaries who actually were not called to be were they went, and tried to impose their own culture and church doctrines. They also are a drain on the hosting nation, cos they require a higher living standard and many times are just too used to creature comforts, but they dont want the natives to have them...or they create envy or dependency. Not saying all missions are like that...some are wonderfuls and do great things, but sad reality is that is the case.
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  3. Not all churches/organizations turn their soldiers into beggars, but many do. Some missionaries are sent out with full support by the church/es that send them.
    Personally, what I see in scripture point to missionary work being mostly a teach the teacher kind of thing. God will always bring out people of His choice, but many of these people acting as missionaries just want to serve.
    Have you ever look at Gospel for Asia? They use local people to reach others.
  4. Yes I know about GFA.
  5. Surely it must be wrong if truth is withheld.
    Are you going to blame the recruiter or organisation?
  6. In the case of an organizational recruiter, culpability lies with both.
    In the case of one 'recruiting' on their own, culpability lies with the individual and those (if any) who taught the individual to 'recruit' in such a fashion.
  7. Needless to say, some people will need a new prescription.
    To be applied orally, two knee drops in the morning.
  8. Every day, every minute, and with every breathe if we're smart.
  9. Psychologically, the younger the recruit the easier to mold. The young don't ask too many questions and are easier to discipline.
    I know what I said sounds exploitative. Unfortunately, exploitation can be found everywhere - even in some churches.
    Some churches only want their evangelists to reach the young and purposely avoid adults.
    Adults are too difficult to mold, they are more questioning, rebellious, and can cause disharmony, boycotts, etc.
    Believe it or not, the word infantry is not mistakenly derived from infants.
  10. Scripture says that no one comes unto Jesus unless the Father draws Him.
    Beyond that the church or body of Christ should be preparing the new Christians for things such as the battle of the mind and so forth.
    When God gets ready to change something in a new Christian for the most part this person is ready and eager for this change.

    If you are going to prepare them for every single thing they may encounter or go through then I suggest you take them under your wing and move them in for it will take a life time at that. ; )

    God Bless
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  11. That is definately true, Jim, and I can't thank God enough that He is the draw and not me.
    We still have a responsibility to spread the gospel and make disciples, but as you noted it is an involved process. It is something that most folks don't to deal with for precisely that reason.
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  12. The Marine Corps recruiters don't gloss over any of that stuff. As a matter of fact, letting you know how difficult it is going to be is a source of pride for them. They make it a point to make you aware of what you are getting yourself in to. I actually respected them more for that.
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