Recomendations Please: Bible Commentary -- One Old And One New

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Mike Hall, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. As far as the one written in the 1600's I think Matthew Henry does a great job, but am interested to see if anyone knows of another one as well. For modern writers I don't which is particularly outstanding.

    Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  2. Never looked at any bible commentary. All Bible commentary is skewed by someones broke doctrine. Best to just read the Word, pray about it (In tongues if someone has not robbed you of that) and get understanding there.

    A good church also as we follow after those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Stay away from pastors that claim God is mysterious. It's like going to the doctor and he tells you that the body is mysterious in all it ways and he can't tell what the heck is wrong.

    Find someone that knows God, follow them, Grow.

    Be blessed.
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    Hi Mike - We have the same last name Brother. This site includes multiple commentators, but my favorite in the list is John Gill, because he references a lot of Jewish writings also, and his commentary is the most informative.

    When I began comparing commentaries I realized it was the best way to test and check my understanding, and since then (20 years now) I've learned that testing your understanding is the quickest way to grow in the Scriptures.

    Also when you're praying for God to teach you in His word, it's significant to know that it is only the Holy Spirit who teaches it in truth (1 Cor 2:13). It's also important to realize He does it through one another, for all who are His have parts of which He shows them, when it coincides with Scripture.

    God's blessings to your Family!

    Bob Hall
  4. In no special order, if I had to pick it would be one of these:
    John MacArthur
    John Piper
    Al Mohler
    Edward Hindson
    Charles Stanley
    J.D. Pentacost
  5. Thanks very much brothers. I appreciate the input.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts here. This is a small world. Not only is the last name the same but my brother's name is Bob :)

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