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Recently found.

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Jzuz111, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Recently found.

    I have recently round Jesus and The Lord. I was trick or treating this haloween, and I stopped by at a church. I was inquirous , as I had never been taught religion by my parents. They took me in and told what it was all about. I have gone to church every week since. :D
  2. I am so pleased brother! Welcome to the forum. everyone here would be delighted to help you with any questions and/ or prayer requests. You ahve just started the greatest journey a man can undertake!
  3. Glad to meet you, JZ~
    That is awesome!

  4. cool welcome to the forum :)
  5. God Bless you and welcome. There are many Christian brothers and sisters here. I am delighted to hear good news like what you have shared with us.

  6. What an awesome story of Jesus " Love. Welcome to the family of God. and also to this online family.

  7. That is so great. Every year we open up our church for a fun time with a totally Christian theme happening. It is mostly for kids but adults come too. I would hope that we are shining Jesus to our community like this church did for you. Hallelujah Jesus loves You and Me.
  8. I love that link Vision!:D

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