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  1. I am praising God for answered prayer as our needs for help in maintaining our house will be met this summer. Our son, who moved across the country last year, will be coming to stay and do much needed painting and other repair work since my husband and I are no longer able to do much ourselves. He is lining up other jobs in the NW as well while he is here. I continue to pray for his time with us, his safety in work and travel, but mostly trust that all will work out well according to God's good timing and plan. Thanking and praising God in advance as well as for blessing us with such a hard working and committed son. Praise you, Jesus!
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  2. Amen and will be praying .
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  3. Thank You JESUS!!!
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  4. Father, thank you that sandpiper's son is going to be able to come and help his folks out. Bless his travelling Lord, give him travelling mercies, and send your angels before him preparimg tbe way, to keep him safe from all harm. Also bless his time with them and with His other jobs, everything He sets his hand to.
    May this time with His folks be one of refreshing and peace and harmony. In Jesus Name, Amen
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  5. Praying for a smooth transition in Gods covering! In Jesus Name.
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  6. Thanks for your prayers for my son. He is driving across the U.S. now on his way West where he has lined up a contract to do some specialty woodworking projects in Montana and when that is completed in a month or so heading our way. He wasn't sure about this contract before but God has come through. Bless all.
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  7. Will continue to keep him on our prayers. Thank you for the update.

  8. Update: My son arrived safely in Montana and begins work right away. Thanks for prayers for his safety. God is so good and I believe that He sent His angels along the way. :)
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