Receiving Direct Revelation.

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  1. I like how you worded that, how revelations are a "community spiritual business," that's a really good way of thinking about it.
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    Most cults start with one person claiming visions that no one can confirm by the Spirit. The same with religious crimes. The same with church dissolution. This is not the method of God as seen below:

    "Witnesses" do not have to be people~~
  3. Direct revelation means one who receives this from God can write scripture and their revelations are of equal authority with the Word of God. This is the result of over estimating one's self worth in the body and it is false. No one today receives direct revelation from God. If they did, they would be writing scripture - they have over evaluated themselves and are in need of sober evaluation. If someone says to you "God told me this" don't listen to them.
  4. Sorry, but this is, IMO, way off base.
    First, the Word is for all Christians for all time. Personal guidance (same as direct revelation) is not.
    Second, God promises to hear and guide in many many many Scriptures . Are you suggesting He stopped doing that once the Disciples died?
    Third, Personal guidance for personal situations cannot be covered in detail with Scripture. "Lord should I move to Tasmania?" is not answerable form the Bible.
    Fourth, Personal guidance is a Christians right, IF they follow God's guidelines, which few people seem willing to know or follow.
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  6. I can only assume the last four sentences you added to my quote by mistake is from you, Intojoy....but I don't know what "p" is supposed to mean.
  7. I think you said, Intojoy:
    My point is that God can guide you and rarely a small group of closely knit Christians and even tell them what their personal future can bring if they are obedient. This is very rare.

    But to tell me "Yes: it is My will for you to go to Tasmania. I will provide. ".... is a personal revelation to me ....Not to be confused with corporate prophecy of world events, Church obedience and future fate or anything like that.

    BUT prophecy that is radically outside the clear revelations of Scripture? No.

    This is why I avoid failed "prophets" like the ones Rev. Anthony Wade of our membership so often warns about and so many of our membership appear numb to.
  8. I do appreciate your input and clarification, Intojoy!
  9. Jesus told us his people would hear his voice, and he would call them out by name.

    One can be sure it is Jesus calling him or her out by the peace that accompanies God’s voice. Also God keeps one safe from Satan/sin. If one continues to sin then it is not God who talked to him or her.

    God/Jesus/Holy Spirit will never teach one anything contrary to the written Word of God.

    A personnel relationship with Jesus can grow to where a person has the mind of Christ.

    A mind of Christ is where a person has willed Jesus to make all decisions in one’s life. It is as if one is doing God’s will at all times. All a person does comes from the heart/spirit, and not his or her mind.
  10. I appreciate your post giver. It is wonderful to know others are hearing God also. Here is my testimony as of last night.

    It paid off tremendously to hear what the Lord told me last night. A few years ago started collecting the quarters of U.S.A. states.
    the container for keeping them was full. In time was throwing quarters in thinking had not seen them before. Other ones were spent from time to time. The Lord had me put them in the board keeper where there is also the U.S.A. map. It was short only 2 states. But then with just a few quarters from a can which are not special added them to find the special container full. guessing
    there are about $30.00 worth to be spent on my personal needs. If he didn't tell me they would still be in their hiding place untouched.

    That prosperity is only possible by God's gracious voice. Today he showed me what the Ps. 22:1 passage means. I was almost red faced in my thinking as thought it meant something else. God comforts us as he is a great teacher who said he would lead us and guide us into all truth. Jn.16:12-13. Only the Holy Spirit can remove the flesh thinking and fill us with his light to hear him. What a gift.
  11. I'm glad I found this post because it just confirmes that these things happen and it should be the normal. I was thinking why do I keep getting it but that's cause I wanted hear and listen from god and make a differience where things really matter. Anyway.....
    I was out riding my bike to some off road trials that where a few streets over from my home. After I came back out of the woods from the trails. I intently felt and was told as a thought. That someone would die on this road unless I prayed for them. I was like come on. I just want to ride my bike thinking it was like made up in my head or like ocd. I was told to pray and still remained heavy on my. So I said fine I'll do it. I go into the woods so no one driving by sees me kneeling. So i tried praying with my heart but i didnt really. Cause i didnt want to be doing this in the irst place. And I said ok good to myself and stood up to leave. I was told it wasn't good enough. So I got back down half assed it again and was leaving and then I was told again not good enough. Fustrated I left and said its good enough. And then I got on my bike to leave. I was no longer pushed to pray. While I was leaving I knew some one would die. And I said well then I'll know it was god and not ocd if I let it happen. Worst mistake ever. My friends friend died when his car struck a tree right next to the trail. He was two years yonger then me. Went to high school together. Also I have other stories but I'll just leave that

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