Receiving Direct Revelation.

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  1. This, Glo, is my reason for attempting (unsuccessfully) to get a criteria on which I could base all of these "revelations". Emotions, "signs" involving normal and natural events, feelings and happiness just are not good enough for me because all of these things I have found among non-Christian peoples that I have met around the world.

    The only solid platform I have heard is "cause it's biblical". But somehow there is precious little agreement among them as what constitutes "biblical".

    I will point out my stand again: I am positive in the availability of divine instruction to individual saints, BUT I am fully aware of self and the devil being more then willing to fake being "divine".

    We are told to "try the spirits" or in modern English "test human minds" as to what is valid.

    That is all I am doing.
  2. This afternoon, I was praying very deeply. Was caught up in it so much that didn't think of anything. All of a sudden the Spirit spoke to me , it is time to go. I snapped out of the prayer and checked my watch. I gave the Lord thanks. He was right on time. it was 5 minutes till I could walk and go work in the next house and be on time. Someone was waiting for me so they could go. If he didn't I would still be sitting there now.

    The other day was thinking about Moses. imagine him listening to God in the bush and saying, is that God. If you read the story he has what others would also be challenged by. The angel comes from the bush and speaks to him.

    You are absolutely right, the devil hates when people really hear from God so he deceives even through false ministers.
    They are those who only speak words. They cannot hurt a child of God. When God speaks we will be humbled and know that he better not be angry when he speaks.

    As a allegory, look at Moses, God is telling him to pick up a big poisonous snake.
    I would feel the same way he did, wow look what this God who I don't even know telling me to pick up this dangerous little beast. Moses obeys and gets his miracle. ---he obeys--a voice.
    seems like God was able to convince Moses that he is really God---I am to be. sent you. because Moses like a one man army, which he changed to a 2 man army---he was supposed to go alone, walk up to a nation of people and tell them
    put away your whips, and all your powerful equipment and do what us 2 men say to do.

    The point is, you will know when God speaks. If you read my Exodus material, in the 2012 archives, you will see how a word for me to see Jesus and Moses in every chapter of Exodus is all written for all to see.

    illuminator -we want to know. blogspot .com. let me know if you have trouble will make sure you get it if you want it.
    This work of art was a secret hidden from many but others have tapped into some of it. God bless.
  3. I remember a great man of God was in his office, when God told him to get up and leave.
    He questioned it and had to be told about 3 times. He left finally. All of a sudden a bomb went off in his office. He was also a hated Holy Ghost preacher.
    I knew another minister. He was told to move his car. He questioned and decided to not listen. His Motel was by a major highway. a car went off the road and ran right into his car.
    He was on his way to preach. The devil didn't stop him but he learned a lesson.
  4. Flash!
    God protects by these means many types of Christians and even potential converts....It's not reserved to "hated Holy Ghost preachers" and their followers.
  5. There is a scripture which says those who call a brother a fool are in danger of hell fire. To call others under a delusion when they are not is on the same border. If a person has never heard God speak they have no credentials to judge others who have. If they do hear God they will pray for brethren and not criticize. It is wise to instruct others in meekness, considering oneself. division and strife are the things that break down and not build up.

    If you are angry God by his Spirit will give you peace and long suffering. It is scriptural to admonish others so they will not stumble. In Jesus love amen.
  6. Not sure whom you are inferring this to; I don't know anyone here is even close to suggesting that you have NOT heard God or that they have not either. Maybe I am missing others "criticisms", not sure.
  7. I have heard God speak. What I question is whether others who claim to hear God speak are being honest about their experience. There is no shortage of deluded people. Among the "hated Catholics" there is the notion of two types of personal revelation, that which is for the hearer alone, and that which is for general consumption by all believers.
    What God has spoken to me was for me alone.
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  8. BTW, when one hears "get moving, you are going to be late", it is much more likely your guardian angel watching out for you than God speaking.
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  9. Hi Brodav, thanks for the thread, I enjoyed reading a lot of what you wrote. But this post doesn't make sense to me / I can't agree with.

    God either helps us properly or He doesn't. Think of the verse 'God will send His angels to catch you if you fall' and how Jesus mentioned we must not tempt God. The obstruction to God helping will not be 'did I, didn't I hear God's voice?' It will be knowingly jumping without a parachute.

    When I survived the London train bombings, I had many voices in my head. A guard reached his arm out and stopped me from getting on an exploding carriage. Then my brother's testimony. He went to a dam at night, feeling suicidal. A Christian came 'out of nowhere' he said, to speak to him.

    So, from my actual experiences I would conclude that ignoring God's voice in your head will merely result in God using someone else who is not. It will never be to our detriment in an accident type situation.
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  10. Very true KingJ.

    One of the greatest Christians I know has recently relied strictly on "her voice from God". This has gotten her into so very dangerous places in the real world. Turns out now she has devolved into dementia, and these voices...well...they get weirder all the time. She refuses brotherly counsel and ignores God's very clear providences.
  11. Shame, I feel for her. I hope she comes round soon. I knew two like that but fortunately they are out of it now. They mean well but as you said, its weird.
  12. We have followed the Lord's directions and the vitamin we have her taking has made huge differences in practical matters, but I fear once a soul is convinced they have a singular "method" in which to hear God, and ignore all of His other ways, there is a strong incentive to rely just on that.
    Age has a tendency to harden habits.
  13. it is a terrible thing when people get unbalanced. First it is intense spiritual warfare involved to hear God's voice.
    To hear God audibly is different than to have him speak through his word.
    One example which is the third way he speaks is when he says love your enemies. That is written in the book. It doesn't say how to do it. That is how the Holy Spirit teaches us, the second voice.
    To be in strife with others and not listen (at least), is not God's voice. How can one over come their weaknesses apart from either the Holy Spirit or God using people who have been trained by God to help.

    As far as God or man's help that is our choice. We sometimes are put in a position to help those who have no faith.
    If we don't know what to do we can stand on the promise of James 5: if we lack wisdom (how to act) we can ask of God .
    Yesterday I was sitting like a lost minded person trying to think where to study. As soon as I said I will just pick up the bible, God led me right to a wonderful bible study. By the time I went to bed, I had a successful study night. It started with a big waste of time. Proof it was God working and speaking.
  14. Today was talking with a Christian lady struggling with poverty. We were talking about my rose bush. She said she can take a piece and put it in the ground and raise a new one. That was after I told her she is welcome to cut a few roses to take home. Then I went to my studio office and was praising the Lord in music. Then began to study. The word I looked up was praise. then read the comments on it. I read this, The promises of God are like beautiful flowers which we are free to pick. I went back and encouraged her about that and if she claims prosperous promises and believes God she will be blessed.
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  15. The day of my catholic confirmation I received a gift from the holy spirit: I could see spirits and talk to them. Growing older, I became aware I could also hear angels and archangels and Jesus. God never spoke to me directly, he gives me signs through events and people. Which is also very good.

    If we really pay attention, I believe anybody can hear the messages of God.
  16. In Jn. ch.10: Jesus says my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow. The another to not folow is the answer to how some think they hear or are just deceivers. divination was rebuked by Paul when the woman got money and gain from her craft. So that is why we must know there are two speaking one is the devil, which Jesus encountered in the wilderness Matt. 4:4. The devil there even used the scriptures. He is known as a angel of light--wolf in sheep's clothing.

    The difficulty of sharing true revelation, except in mature assemblies, is deceivers take those rev. truth to make them a tool of the angel of light. The issue is not whether there is revelation , but false revelation. The key to rev. is finding if it will produce good fruit in the life of the hearers. Those who won't hear the true will miss out on God's blessing for them.

    revelations that God has given me, millions of dollars couldn't buy them. They all cause me to bow in reverence to almighty God. One example is where Jesus showed that what David was saying in Ps.8:2 was strength. but in Matt. 21
    Jesus uses another word. He says out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast ordained praise. by that we see that praise and strength are twin partners. We could say that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their praise----because he will show up upon their waiting for him. That waiting will pay off in joy and spiritual strength. God bless.
  17. I have no doubt that God continues to reveal truths to His people.

    I do, though, think that people who receive a revelation sometimes interpret that revelation incorrectly.

    I think that revelations are meant to be tested, and interpreted by the body of Christ. For example, if God lays a revelation on your heart, and you take it to the group of mature believers you fellowship with and everyone prays on it, tests it with what scripture teaches, and agrees unanimously on its interpretation, I'd take that as significant evidence of its validity.

    Let me offer an example for the Bible.

    In Acts 21:4-14, we read that the Spirit had revealed that Paul would be bound and "handed over to the Gentiles." In v.4, we read that "Through the Spirit they urged Paul not to go on to Jerusalem." In the previous chapter, we also learn that Paul had been warned by the Spirit what was going to happen to him in Jerusalem.

    So why did Paul go to Jerusalem if he was urged by other Christians "through the Spirit" not to go? I propose to you that it was because they had received an accurate revelation, but they had assumed an incorrect interpretation of that revelation.

    It's because of this that I believe that revelations should be submitted to mature Christians for interpretation, and the work of interpretation should not fall solely on the person who receives the revelation.
  18. Roads: Explain to me why 5 prophets were wrong and Paul was not?
    Why could it not have been Paul interpreted it wrong?
  19. Well, I guess there's room for the possibility that Paul was wrong. I'd be happy to admit that I don't see any particular evidence that Paul had the correct interpretation. I guess the significant point, to me, is more that there was a revelation from the Spirit, and somebody was wrong about its interpretation.

    In summary: It is possible interpret revelations incorrectly. Agreed?
  20. I have not found Paul claiming anywhere that the Spirit told him to go, only that he proposed in his "spirit" to go. Acts 19:21
    But the church, as you suggested, DID come together and the SPIRIT told them to tell Paul not to go; First in Tyre Acts 21 4 and then even much more strongly in Caesarea (Acts 21:8, 12) I think by Philip's prophet daughters (guessing) and Agabus (fact) NOT to go.

    Clearly God would not have kept these recordings because Paul was infallible or to undermine the very point you are making: how vital it is for revelations to be a community spiritual business, not a maverick jaunt into self-martyrdom.
    Absolutely! Peter was way off on his interpretation on the rooftop in

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