Recap of Southern Severe Storms, Jan. 2-3, 2017

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  1. As most everyone is aware, there were significant severe storms that ravaged the deep south on Monday and Tuesday, January 2-3, 2017. Areas from east Texas through South Carolina experienced some tornado activity as well as very high straight line winds caused by super cell downbursts* along the frontal zone.


    We have reports of 4 storm related deaths near Dothan, Alabama and significant damage to property and infrastructure in 5 states. While strong winter time storms in the deep south are common, this series of storms were the worst to hit the area in several years. Our own Tropical Storm Research Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama, was spared any damage, however, there is widespread damage to many homes and businesses locally and the cleanup continues.

    Please join with us in prayer for the countless persons who have been affected by these storms.

    Thank You.
  2. Will be praying
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  3. Joining you both in prayer
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