Recall List : 94 Products containing Salmonella

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  1. That's scary but I guess it does not apply to me .
  2. Well I don't know where all those products have gone. Did you look at all those brands and see if you have any of those items? If so, then look at the number on it and compare with the numbers on this list.
  3. I did check . Can't see anything that would affect me as I don't use a lot of those things anyways . I try to buy fresh and not packages and usually make my own salad dressings etc.

    Anyways , I suppose if it were a problem here we would have heard as i watch the consumer reports on TV .... Thanks
  4. (groan) :)
  5. All the more reason not to forget to Sanctify our food by the Word of God before we eat something. No, I did not mean say grace. Speak to your food, call it clean by the Word of God in Jesus mighty Name..................

    Be blessed.
  6. This is good to pray at meal time

    Exodus 23:25
    And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee
  7. Amen .... I got to write that one down .... Thanks .

    People always say to me . You drink water from the tap .... yup ... It hasn't harmed me and I save money on bottled water ... He he
  8. I've been praying that for years. Rarely get sick

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