Rebuke Or Resist?

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  1. Do you believe in demonic oppression? (not possession). What should be reaction of a believing Christian? Should he or she rebuke the devil or resist the devil?
  2. "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

    Resisting is pretty much ignoring all he has to say and believing all God has to say.
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  3. When we are in God's Spirit, it isn't even an effort because the power of God's words is working life in us, so garbage talk isn't even believed.
  4. Although Jesus resisted by quoting scripture. You can't go wrong with that.
  5. Indeed I do, I've been studying it for a couple years now. It depends on the type of oppression. Is it because of an ongoing sin to where a foothold was made for a demon/demons to infiltrate? Is it so ongoing that it has now become a demonic stronghold? Are you seeing, feeling, experiencing diabolic phenomena? What is the situation specifically?

    Just remember, whatever you do, do in the name of Jesus Christ. But I shouldn't have to tell you. Based on your previous posts you already know this :D(y).
  6. Michaelh also has good insight on the subject of demons based on what I've read from prior posts.
  7. One thing I have learned is things like fear, hatred, addictions etc.... can give demons a foot hold into our lives. Demons will try anything to gain access into our lives. This is why we need to put on the armor of God.
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  8. And when I say hatred I mean the malicious type of hatred not righteous hatred
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    "Draw nigh to God, and He shall draw nigh to you...resist the devil and he will flee from you."
    Before running after the devil, make sure God has your back!
  10. God has the back of all believers!
  11. Okay.. let me get into the details.. Bear with the long post! This is something personal.. This is a sensitive topic for me.. Because this is about my wife.. So I kindly request everyone to respect before any bashing..

    My wife was saved from a Hindu family.. She comes from a small village and the village is filled with idol worship and many kind of witchcraft.. She got saved when she was in college.. Now we are in US.. For many yeas, she has had bad dreams/visions and many times felt like someone is pressing her while sleeping.. She has a very closer walk with God than me.. I know that by her fruits (not by her works!!).. The work of Holy Spirit in her life is so evident..

    She has been telling about her experiences to some people and relatives.. And also what we have been going through with the pregnancy.. And everyone has commented that there are some strong evil forces behind this.. And almost everyone has tied her experiences to the problems we are going through.. And have called it a spiritual warfare..

    Yesterday we had pastor from another Church come over to our house to pray.. The day before that, I just mentioned 3 things to my wife.. Have you felt the urge to tell something to someone? Like you will explode if you don't? I told her these specific points,
    1) He who is in us is greater than he who is in this world.. It is about Him and not us..
    2) Devil has NO authority over life.. He has to get permission from Lord for everything.. God is sovereign and in absolute control of everything
    3) As a believer we both are indwelt by Holy Spirit and there is zero chance for evil spirit to get into her.. All an evil spirit can do is threaten her (which is what is happening).. And we have to put the armor of God.
    4) Generation curses will have no effect on her.. If they can have, then Christ's work on cross is not sufficient..

    The Pastor came yesterday.. These are the things that happened,
    1) He preached from Mark chapter 1 about the demon possessed man in synagogue.. His point was, Christians can be influenced by demonic spirits (different from possession)
    2) He made her repent for all her sins and all kind of witchcraft performed in her family
    3) After praying for some time, he made her stop praying.. Asked her to keep quiet.. Then all of a sudden asked her "Who are you".. My wife innocently said her name "so and so".. He prayed for some more time and stopped..
    4) He said he left some kind of spirit of death playing here..

    And again I feel that same urge in me to talk more with her.. I don't have anything against the Pastor.. A very nice person with all nice intentions.. But I don't think it is Biblical.. We are called to resist the devil.. Though he said my wife cannot be possessed, I felt like he performed exorcism on her!

    I do not believe Bible calls us to rebuke the devil.. The NT pattern shows us that clearly.. Paul talks about the thorn in his flesh. He did not rebuke the devil.. There is no case of rebuking spirits out of believers.. Unbelievers, yes.. There were many cases in Bible.. For a believer, the only instruction is to put on the Armor of God..

    What do you guys think?
  12. As a believer if I am not sure God has my back, then that needs to be looked into! As Olivia said, every believer is backed by God.. Not even a question..
  13. I am sure he does! Don't know why he hasn't posted yet :)
  14. Interesting that he would ask your wife "Who are you...". You are correct, Christians cannot become possessed which is making me scratch my head on why he did this; darkness cannot coexist with light, that's why when we have the HS in us, there is no room for demonic possession. Romans 12:6-7 state that we all have different spiritual gifts according to the grace given to each of us. Does he have the power to discern evil spirits? If not, he's more or less swinging a sword blindfolded. How does he know it is a death spirit? The reason I ask is that if it is not he could be doing more harm than good.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't claim to know all that is going on here, nor am I downplaying/discrediting the pastor that prayed over your wife, I am simply trying to get as many facts as possible so I can gather some advice on how you are to proceed.

    Being saved, your wife cannot be cursed from whatever type of strange magic or idol worship her family is performing. However, evil can be sent to torment. As we grow as Christians and become closer to God, the more the devil will keep us from taking that next in our relationship towards God.

    You're right, put on the Armor of God like Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us to do. I believe you read Michaelh's testimony about his son having cancer; very powerful and something you may want to read over again. Pray offensively! If there is in fact something diabolical that has attached itself to your wife or is tormenting your wife for whatever reason, tell it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ; demand it, mean it, shout it from the depths of your faith and your heart. I would do this with your wife and pray together. The devil is quite a nagging and annoying little turd. Already having been defeated, he's still trying to win (yeah, doesn't make any sense does it ?!?:confused:).

    I will definitely keep you and your wife in my prayers, brother. For you, your wife and your future child's sake. God bless.
  15. That was my original question in the post! Now I fully believe that demons can cause oppression.. They can harrass believers.. They can be pain in the rear!! But ultimately, that is all they can do.. They cannot touch the life unless permitted by God.. Given this, are we to resist the devil or rebuke the devil? Based on your comments, I am thinking you are suggesting to rebuke the devil?
  16. Here are my beliefs on the issue based on the Word and accounts of other similar situations. The devil works in many ways to get us as far away from God as possible or to keep us from progressing in our relationship to Him. We resist the devil by resisting things that are worldly every day. Whether it be refusing to have a beer, refusing invite to a sketchy party, turning the television channel when Keeping up with the Kardashians is on (have to keep some humor ;)), spouting obscenities to those who have wronged us, keeping from taking revenge, etc. In other words or as in Luke 6:29, we turn the other cheek to these worldly things. When things start becoming personal and diabolical, where you can't just change the channel, walk away or turn the other cheek. Do not be afraid to rid your surroundings of demonic oppression in the name of Jesus Christ.

    To resist the devil is to not give into temptation. To rebuke (reprimand, strongly warn or restrain) the devil is when the torment becomes personal or when oppression happens/begins. I hope this makes more sense. My articulation seems a bit weak.
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    I guess a person must be very explicit when he speaks on this forum.
    So...I guess that depends on whether a believer is really a believer or just a believer...but I was referrng to a believer!
  18. I would work with the minister for a while, he may have some understanding to help you?
  19. Ain't that the truth!!
  20. The devils and their earthly partners know who is a son of God. But as to resist or rebuke, it depends on the situation.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against (1) principalities, (2) against powers, (3) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, (4) against spiritual wickedness in high places."
    The principalities govern the powers, rulers, and wickedness in this world, with wickedness being the first to access the mind.
    Most people fall to the temptation of their most basic emotions: and that is the place where rebuke is most common. Please bear in mind that I do not refer to a Christian. It is the mass of people who have fallen into sin, and practicing sin. There are a diversity of spirits in their lives that govern their thoughts and actions. We are constantly bombarded by demonic doctrines from the media, and the school system: and they make it seem so common and natural to lust, to fornicate, to be sexually active at an early age, etc. It is at this stage that most people are more susceptible to hear the Gospel: and it is up to the Ministry to have the Church ready for "...the work of the ministry."

    "When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks in dry places seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, I will return...and he finds it empty, swept, and clean. Then he goes and finds seven other spirits more wicked than himself..."
    This is the man who heard about the gospel, repented, and has experienced a changed life. The spirit was rebuked and cast out, but the "house" was still empty, although cleaned and garnished. This depicts the people in most denominations.

    The Christian (true believer, and not a hearer only) learns how to resist the devil: he uses the word by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Unfortunately, most "churches" are not equipped to teach the disciples how to resist or cast out the devils because they believe they are in no danger...because they (those in the church) are already saved.

    Modernists teach their disciples that they have the power to cast out demon, quoting the Lord: "In my NAME shall they cast out devils...". But the devils we are called to cast out are not someone else's devils, but our own! When the Gospel enters the heart,
    we are able to vehemently reject their working in us: and we can cast those out. All the devils in the universe have no power to
    keep one who is called, from receiving the Gospel: and they that receive the Gospel, shall be saved.

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