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    It was reading books by Rebecca Brown MD recently that changed my life completely. Before, I lived in my sin but thought it was ok as long I said a quick "I'm sorry for my sins, amen" prayer at night. But her books revealed to me there is a difference between saying sorry, and actually repenting.

    After reading one of her books, I made Jesus the Lord and Master of my entire life(as apposed to only the Saviour) and since that day I am a totally new person, with new desires in my heart. I asked Jesus that He will do His will in my life, and use me in any way He wants for whatever purpose He has for my life. And I'm happy to say that I am feeling pulled to Jesus and His will, like He is beginning to lead me along the right path into fulfilling His will for my life. I have recently had a thirst for studying the Bible and reading books by other Christians to gain knowledge on things that never even used to cross my mind. I have also recieved answers for things I that used to drive me crazy with confusion.

    In fact I learnt so many things through her books that I couldn't even list them here! Sorry for the mega long post, I just want to encourage you all to check out her books because they are something every Christian should read!:)

    He Came To Set The Captives Free
    Prepare For War
    Becoming A Vessel Of Honour
    Unbroken Curses

    By Rebecca Brown MD
  2. Let me just say that one should not take the reading of these books lightly and they are not for everyone. One WILL find oneself in the midst of Warfare if you do. This is not a discouragement but simply a caution. Be led of the Spirit, if He leads to to read them then please do, if not then follow accordingly.
  3. I have not encountered Rebecca Brown but your post makes them sound interesting.
    I will have to check them out.
  4. You sound so much like me! There must be something powerful by surrendering your whole life to Christ. Because it made the difference in me too! And I have that thirst and hunger for more and more of Him.

    "Crazy with confusion" That is so discriptive of the many questions I had, which those on this forum can attest to. It seemed I had to have an answer right away and was just starving to learn more. My husband says I became a religious fanatic. :D I took it as a compliment. :p

    You will soon meet all the Brits on this forum. My husband and I will be travelling to London first of May and will be meeting some of them in person. Want to join us? Bonnie
  5. I read the first one. For those who know what I've been through in my past, all I can say is enough said.

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