Reasons For Praise As Of 10/25

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  1. I have been seeking deep leveled friendships with people. And so from an answered prayer i met this new group of young adults a few weeks ago. Several of them i have been able to easily bring up deep topics.

    And a friend of mine Meagan, she has become like a sister to me. Our friendship is so unique and special. To the point where her and i can just sit in the car with the engine off, and not say anything, except think and ponder to ourselves. Most relationships with people never get to this place of comfort around one another. Her and i are deep thinkers. So these moments are especially cherished.

    God has brought me out of a place of self guilt.

    God gave me a prophetic dream that will help 2 of my close friends through current situations.

    & Much more. :]
  2. Shine, this is beautiful. Your words are very encouraging. It makes me realize that my desire to "put God first" has actually been poisoned by a desire to isolate myself, and as a result I do not have that many deep friendships, and my fellowship with my fiancee has suffered due to my desire to "put God first." While obviously God should be our focus, you have inspired me to pray to God to give me deep leveled friendships with people, and to go deeper with the people I do have. Thank you.
  3. Putting God first does not mean to seperate yourself from the body of Christ though :] The body is needed in our lives. I'm glad that my words were able to bring you under a new light. God is so good isn't He? :]
  4. Bless this house, O Lord we pray
    Make it safe, by night and day
    Bless these walls, so firm and stout
    Keeping want & trouble out
    Bless this roof and chimney's tall
    Let thy peace lie over all
    Bless this door, that it may prove
    Ever open to joy & LOVE !!! [​IMG]

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