Really angry right now

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  1. I know this is not a personal diary but I'm feeling really angry right now because some people at my church will not allow my 12 y.o. students to take photos thus preventing a wonderful activity for no reason at all. God bless them.

    Ok so it's not the end of the world but Sunday school is not as easy as it seems and this isn't helping much.
  2. Be blessed brother. Just a trick of the devil to get you into unforgiveness. Walk in love and forgiveness (which i see you are doing) and God will bless you mightily. Keep thanking God in prayer for opening the door. God will figure out something or give you a new idea

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  3. What photo's exactly?
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  4. Thank you for words Cturtle, kind and wise as always.

    The church is a gorgeous gothic building, I wanted them to take photos of a few architectural details.
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  5. What have they got against that?
  6. I have no idea.
  7. @Flavio have you spoken to the minister and asked why?
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  8. What person has the direct authority to grant or deny this permission? Gothic architecture is magnificent. Children keeping a photo diary of their church would cherish those memories in their later years.

    I'd suggest you speak to the one that grants the permission. Those who forbid this may speak for their personal reasons and that isn't fair to the children.
    God be with you.
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  9. did they say why?
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  10. It's ok to be angry but sin not, in your moment of anger don't let your anger cause you to sin because sin NEVER produces the righteousness of God, be QUICK to forgive and move on, if you live in the moment of anger it will produce a bad crop, remember when we sow in the flesh we WILL reap corruption, therefore have ears to hear and tell anger to cease in the name of Jesus.
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  11. That's really weird for me. Did they always have this rule or just made because some kids wanted to take pictures? I think it's best to have an open conversation with deacons or ministers

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