Reading the Bible.

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  1. Reading the Bible.

    Sometimes I find it hard to read for long periods of time. I really struggle at reading books. I want to read His Word more often, but I don't cause of my difficulty with books. It's not that I can't read, but I gotta re-read whatever I just read to really understand it. Its odd. Does anyone else have this issue? How do you handle it and still read the Bible?
  2. The Old Testament is Christ concealed.
    The NewTestament is Christ revealed.
    Sometimes I read a lot. Sometimes I take a few verses and meditate on them.
    The key to reading the bible is this-
    Holy Spirit Jesus said You would be my teacher, help me to understand this Word and how it applies to my life.

    If I may suggest this- start with the New Testament.
    The first 4 books or Gospels are Jesus fulfilling the requirements of the Law and preaching to lost souls.
    The next book (Acts) is the birth of the Church.
    The rest are the epistles which are love letters from God to His bride the Church.
    Once one has a firm grasp of the New Testament then that same one can glean much from the Old Testament which has the priciples of Christ from end to end.

    I hope this helps, many blessings in Jesus Name, your brother Larry.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I actually wanted to start with the New Testament, but I didn't want to skip ahead for a few reasons, one being I felt it was wrong to do. Is it okay? I really want to start reading about Jesus and what he did.
  4. It is not only okay but it is necessary to have an understanding of Jesus Christ to comprehend the Old Testament.
    You are going to do great.:)
  5. I have that problem also Leap unless I really am interested in what is being said then I understand.

    I started by reading the NT first because I was ignorant of many things.
    now I am going through the OT, and finally I can understand what is happening in the NT because while reading the NT, I was sooo confused and I don't even remember what I read so I re-read many parts while studying it and now I understand. but the only gospel I remembered was John because it didn't involve much OT things to know lol..

    but for someone who doesn't understand the NT then that person needs a study bible or fellowship with others and ask questions.

    Bo is right that the NT is essence. but if we had eternity I'd say read the OT, but we don't in this lifetime so it's essential to find out what is needed so reading the NT is the better choice.

    I suggest reading John first.. I highly suggest that actually.
    and also afterwards if yo are comfortable move on to Luke then Matthew, then Mark.
    Matthew is filled with prophecies so a person who hasn't read the OT will be lost ( I know I was! but I really enjoyed Matthew :) )

    I don't suggest reading Acts or any of Paul's letters other than Galatians. then move on to the final letters of Peter and John and finally read revelation. Then read the letters of Paul and then Hebrews and then Acts and finally move on to the OT.
  6. Thank you so much everyone, I will start reading the New Testament. :)
  7. Lof,

    You are by no means alone, my sister. It is highly probable that more people find consentrating on scripture lineraly (in line, chapter after chapter ,book after book) than those who don't. Two of the most important factors in encouraging one to read is an interest in the subject and a sence of relivance.
    Honestly, , , it is hard for most to get either from a lineir reading scripture.
    I cannot do it though I've tried several times.
    For those who find it hard or impossible, as I do, to do it I suggest reading by subject and or topicly.
    Starting with a question that is relevent to them, seeking the answers in the written word of God.

    I personaly take my que from sermons heard at church, questions from people I know, and often times discussions in this and other forums.

    My reading is justified in the words from the book of Acts.

    Act 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

    The best reason to read the scriptures is to learn and know that which our father in heaven wants us to know. That which is or will be relevent to us in our walk of faith with him.
    While reading the entire bible is commendable and someting of accomplishment. Understanding and application is by far the most important reason to read it.
    There are patterns, links, many concepts and precepts in the bible ,not to mention more wisdom than one can get from five or ten covor to covor readings of the bible.
    Reading the bible is not something to be accomplished or concoured. Not the end but the means to an end and that end coming closer to an intimate relationship with our father in heaven.

    Nothing is ever lost in opening the bible. More may be gained by the way one approaches it, but each and every bit of his written word is of value. What works best for you is the will of our father in heaven.

    It isn't how much of the bible one reads or how fast they read it that is important but what they do with what it has shown them.

  8. I wouldn't say you are alone in this . I struggle with this issue as well but it is a conscious decision that you need to make in order to grow . Yes satan will distract you and put all kinds of hindrances in the way but if we make up our mind and ask the Holy Spirit to help us it becomes more of a daily routine .

    Also if you do your devotions first thing in the morning before you start anything else ... you will find your day goes a lot better. Your mind is clearer and there are less distractions .

    I would suggest reading some form the Psalms and then the NT. Pray about it first and ask God to remove all hindrances so you can concentate on His Word. You will find the Word lving and want to read more.

    God Bless.
  9. Another suggestion is to get into a small group that is studying the Bible and that way you can learn and also interact with other believers and they too can help you with your Christian walk.
  10. i would read Jesus words only first,then you have the truth to dissmiss or exept all other scripture.find a bible were his words are highlighted.:)
  11. Jesus has the authority to change read him only first,he is your rock,good foundation to the book.:)
  12. also never listen to others check yourself.
  13. Leap of faith:

    Take the Bible one step at the time. I excell in reading and even I have sometimes pushed myself to hard reading the Bible. So, even if you do or do not have a difficulty reading sometimes the Bible has to be reread to understand what the message is.

    What helps is I remember to read the Bible word-to-word, not normally "skim" reading where you read the words but don't pay much attention to all of them. This has helped me greatly because if you read the Bible like any old book, it will certainly have to be reread more than once.

    Usually I read parts of each book in the Bible; I do not try to read the whole chapters. I found you absorb more if you sort of meditate on what the scriptures teach you. If you have to many words bungled up in your brain you most likely will not remember what you read.

    This helps me a lot to: Ask God before your Bible studies to help you understand His Word! :D

  14. I know Boanerges replied to this question but I just wanted to add my two cents:

    Leap, there is nothing wrong with reading the New Testament first over the Old Testament. I sometimes just flip through the Bible until I find a book or part of the scriptures that grabs my attention. I don't usually read the Bible cover-to-cover though I've tried. Maybe that's just me. :)
  15. LoF, I think you will find out that once you start reading, you won't be able to stop. When I first started reading the Bible, I did it for the same reasons as you. I wanted to learn more about Jesus and God. The Mormon church taught me all I knew, but they simply made me hungrier to learn more. Thier god was not the God I know today. I found out when I started digging in and asking questions on this forum, it was hard to stop. There is so very much to learn. But, if you don't learn the basics first, and form a strong foundation to build upon, you will continue to be confused.

    For instance, because I asked so many questions, I got ahead of myself and then I didn't learn the one basic I needed to continue. I just recently came to the complete understanding that I will for sure go to Heaven when I die, and don't have to worry that I will slip up and not make it. I had been told that and maybe even read scripture about it, but it just recently sunk in. And that I need not feel guilt every time I slip up. Just go to God and ask forgiveness, and it will be done. Sometimes things are so simple, we don't get it. It's too simple. Yet God made it simple for us. I could go on and on, but must stop for now.

    I wish peace for you on your journey, and will pray for your understanding. Welcome, Bonnie
  16. Hi Leap Of Faith,

    I have just started reading the bible myself and I have picked Matthew and will read all the gospels. I am new to this but I am just reading as much as I can take in at a time. If it is 5 pages great but if it is 1 verse then that is fine as well.

    The bible I have is a study bible and it helps heaps because it gives more information on what the verses actually mean! I am just at the start of reading the bible as well so I know exactly where you are at!

    Good luck my friend! :groupray:
  17. be careful caveman.who interprets is yourself first.
  18. Hi Smellycat!

    I dont understand your message. I was just trying to be encouraging and give support to a new reader like myself. :confused:

    The bible I am reading is the N.I.V Archaeological bible and I have found in my early readings that the study notes have been invaluable!
  19. my message is this people can and will sway you to what a verse means,you can be brainwashed with others explanations.there was a preacher in usa who killed all his followers because they believed his i stress read yourself then learn.:)
  20. I am still confused Smelly Cat because all the notes are doing are giving meanings to words in the verses that I have no idea about. For example in Matthew 5:8 it uses the word heart. The notes at the bottom say"The heart was considered the centre of ones being, including mind, will and emotions". It just clarifies that bit further.

    Another example is Matthew 4:23 and the word synagogue. Now remember someone like myself who is taking all of this in with no religious background doesnt exactly no what a synagogue is but the notes say " The synagogues provided a place for Jesus to teach on the Sabbath. During the week he preached to larger crowds in the open air".

    Without those notes I would have kept reading without understanding. I hope that makes more sense. :)

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