Read In Your Bible, The Muslims Are Coming!

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  1. More important - so is JESUS!
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  2. dont need a Bible to tell you the muslims are coming. . .
  3. I think they are already here
  4. I have Muslims all around where I live. In fact I have one across the street from me. Also my nephew is dating a Muslim. There are radicals in any religious organizations. So why are you asking for donations? Just trying to understand.
  5. Muslims-are God's children too, there is a great need for ministry there considering (I think the last estimated number was) 2-3 Billion people identify with the faith.

    I had a Kirby vacuum guy stop in and we talked for a while (pardon my ignorance) but I learned that there is a difference between "Muslim" and "Islam" although the foundations are pretty much the same. Anyway, it seemed he was a member of "Islam" and his salvation hinged on his pending trip to Mecca. Interestingly enough, he told me his mother was a born-again Christian, I shared the Gospel with him as much as he was willing to hear...may God move in his heart.

    By no means am I condoning "fellowship" but there is a need for ministry.
  6. and what is this difference between the two?
  7. I think he had spoken to you in a confused way, as every Muslim is a member of Islam.
    In the olden days, Westerners call them Mohammedans, Mussulmens, and Islamicists....these terms they dislike.

    No...their pilgrimage is obligatory as a duty (if possible: poverty, illness or insanity are justifiable excuses not to perform this) and is not a salvation requirement. The other pillars of Islam are a tithe to the poor, daily/weekly prayers, the reciting of the Muslim creed, and the fasting during the month of Ramadan.

    What do you consider to be "fellowship" that you would not condone with a Muslim?
  8. Honestly, I am not 100% sure, other than (if I understood correctly) "Muslims" are followers of Muhammad, Where as "Islam" is the "faith" in Allah. Whereas both are based on the Koran, the "Muslims" give reverence ultimately to Muhammad versus just Allah...

    Not sure I really got the me it doesn't make that much difference since both are misinformed about God. But it was apparently a sensitive issue with this individual as I was corrected many times-He was not a "Muslim."

    I made an attempt to read the Koran -ONCE, It was much like me trying to digest that book by Joseph Smith, just couldn't swallow it. 2 chapters...and DONE.
  9. Well some of the obvious would include attending a mosque ceremony where one would bow down to "Allah".
  10. Yeah...hehehe...that's obvious alright. Nor would he feel right to celebrate Easter with you!

    But those are blatant sorts of "fellowship"....take the word out of church or mosque environs.

    Would you break bread with him? Treat him as a friend (the real meaning of fellowship), in spite of your differences religiously? How would that be any different than fellowship with a Jew?
  11. Would I 'minister' to them...yes, I think that the example above could be further clarified: I invited him to 'sup' with my family after he was done with his presentation. This is when we began talking about religion, if you will. Are not ALL worthy of the Gospel? Do we not preach to ALL creatures. Does Christ desire that ALL should be saved-that none should perish?

    But I wouldn't condone my daughter marrying outside of Christianity...

    If I were more qualified, I would consider taking up such a ministry: as such, I think I have demonstrated my ignorance enough about Islam...
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  12. I think I get what your saying. I wasnt arguing, I had just never heard anything like it before, and was curious is all.
  13. I didn't ask if you would minister to him, but fellowship....which you did..and your approach and reasoning is spot on!
    Keep in mind, to a Muslim, your hospitality is a basic tenant of their faith. They always feed or give water to Christians. It's automatic, and I'll bet you impressed him by doing that even more than what you may have said.

    As for your daughter: If she is born again, it is virtually impossible she would ever consider it! Hopefully, she will let God guide her to His choice, even more than yours!..

    Good post!
  14. Understandable....So what sort of fellowship with Muslims would YOU avoid?
  15. depends on what you mean by fellowship. I used to work with a muslim, we often spent our lunch break debating the Bible and quran. We had a very, interesting relationship. Our debates always got very heated, but at the same time we had a mutual respect for each other (though, almost never agreed with each other lol) He never mentioned a difference between muslim and islam however. We didnt hang out much socially outside of work, but if we saw each other we always treated each other with respect.
  16. Sounds like fellowship to me.

    However; for me debating is a waste of time. Never met a soul who came to Christ by losing a debate.
  17. well, it was we even, never said it wasnt, I was just saying how we fellowshiped. We considered ourselves friends. Though, we didnt socialize much outside of work, and we couldnt talk each other into going to the other persons place of worship.
  18. You do not need to live in fear of other religions. Think about how christians of various branches must have felt hundreds of years ago when they were treated as pariahs.
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  19. Totally agree, Kwan: Fearing them shows weakness in one's walk with God, IMO.

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