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Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Kittif, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone and God bless you all!

    My topic here is understanding Islam and muslim people to be able to spread light between them. I am sorry for my english because i am not a native speaker, therefore i can not explain myself as clear as you guys can.


    I hope that some of you have wider knowledge of them. For quite a long time now i feel like God's plan for me is to reach out for them. I really don't know how to start it. I have several muslim friends, and i keep evangelizating for them. And let me tell you that i find it harder than evangelizating for anyone else!

    When they reply to me or tell me about their view on the world i either get dizzy or get a headache if i concentrate and try to understand. Their thinking is very twisted and i'm just standing there like :OOO

    The way they see things seems to be based on rules and twisted understanding about everything. Do you ever get that shivering feeling inside your belly when someone talks to you like that? It is like they try to convince you, but words are secondary and don't even make sense. They speak with power. Not God's power for sure. I am quite sensitive in this way and i've experienced these things many times.


    But the main reason i am here is because i've been praying for God to show me my way for quite a long time by now. And yesterday i talked to the lady who leads the worship group in my church, and she asked me about my future plans. I said i might want to learn arabic. Then she told me that the day before she read a verse and she felt like it was for arabic people.

    It was Isaiah 19:20-25. It says 'Egypt' which stands for sin, or the sinful world in most places of the Bible. So i am not quite sure if it can be undesrtood the other way.

    If any of you have any experienxe or impression about muslims, please give me a better look. I try to get to know as much as possible of them to be able to find their heart.

    Please feel free both to examine scriptures and simply express feelings.
    God bless y'all!
  2. There are similarities between the two but, there are big differences, I personally would not start with telling them Jesus is God but finish with that, I would first teach about how we can not be good enough for God but He loves us still.
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  3. The pastor at a church I attended did a sermon a week on all false religions. I attended the week he did the 'new age' one and he also did one on Islam . You can check it out online if you want. It's sunvalley church in az
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  4. It is reassurring that you say that because i did it like that. And prayed for them afterwards.
  5. AllieWi thank you so much this is an amazing message! Jesus + nothing:) I have never heard it any clearer and any stronger. Thank you so much!
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  6. Being around lots of Muslims in prison, I found the best way is for them to see the Power of God operating in your life. They serve a god that is not even real and displays no help or power toward them.

    If one is sick, offer to lay hands on them to get them healed, tell them the name of Jesus is above all names and they will be healed. Never put down what they believe just speak what you believe.

    I found lots of Muslims came to me secretly for prayer and to get what I had. Their god does nothing for them and they are still people who have needs and the power of our Great God in our life. Where you go, the Power of the Holy Spirit goes.
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  7. You are so welcome ! I'm so glad you were blessed by it! Jesus+nothing indeed!!
  8. What exactly is it that you would like to know about..... "them"?

    You say "if I try to understand." Have you actually tried to understand? You go on to say that their thinking is twisted. Yet, you have not really tried to understand it (based on your words above).

    I realise it's been five months since you've posted this thread, so have you made any progress with your understanding of Islam and its followers Kittif?

    God bless...

  9. Hello! Thank you for your reply.
    Yes, i actually tried to understand it, that's what i said above, and that's why I said i came to the conclusion that their way of thinking is twisted, or different.
    I even considered converting to Islam if i'd find it true but later as i got to know more this idea faded away. Altho I understand it now. I had many conversations with muslim people since i have a lot of muslim friends. I now know the mind behind it and where it comes from. Now i know pretty much which makes me grow my love for them (muslims). They are kind and honest people and i pray that they meet the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ one day:)
    Have a wonderful day Fadi!
  10. Oh and i forgot to mention that AllieWi's answer and link above was what made me understand things deeper in the first place. You might want to check out Chad's speech yourself.
  11. Hello again,

    And thank you for your prompt reply I appreciate it. I'm sorry, but I thhought you said you developed a headache everytime you tried to ubderstand what your Muslim friends were saying to you...hence I phrased my question the way I did. In any case, I think you've gone beyond that point now.

    You said that you even considered convertingf to Islam. I say wow, that's very heavy stuff, especially when you didn't know much about the faith!

    I did check out the link you gave me, thank you. I watched bit of the video but then had to switch it off. I'd much rather get my information from the horse's mouth. By that I mean the following: in Matthew 10:24 , Jesus says: "The student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master." Now I did not join this forum to change anyone's mind from believing what they do. However would you not agree, that Jesus as the Master, would be above Paul the student? I ask this because in the video, we are first asked to look at Galatians, and Galtians as we all know was written by the student, Paul.

    Why is that so important you may be asking? It's important because of the obvious; Chad chose to teach about Islam not from a Muslim source, but went a step further by leaving the Master Himself behind, and began to quote what the student has written after the fact. I find it a very paculiar way to introduce someone to Islam, quoting form a source that is not even related to Islam. I mean if I wanted to learn something about butchery, I would certainly not go to a barber to do so. I'd like your thought on this matter please Kittif. Thank you for your time Sir.

  12. Well, this is what i meant by different thinking.

    Let me try to explain why i don't agree with you. Please note that i honestly respect your opinion.
    First of all, your thinking is logic. Which is nice, but it is written that one can not get to God by mind but by their heart. This is a basic truth in finding God. Because if you involve your brain in the searching then eventually you'll start questioning everything. Because we can not understand God with our brains; we are physically unable to do that, this is how we were made.
    Secondly, God himself said that the Bible is His Word therefore it is truth no matter where you open it.
    Paul and other prophets did not write about something they witnessed, they wrote from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who communicated God's word for them. God used them to communicate His Word through these people. Now we came back to the statement that it is His word. Not Paul's or other prophet's word.

    And since you quoted from the book let me tell you another important thing. There is a certain way to receive the Bible's message.
    2 Corinthians 3:6 6 "He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life."

    Let me ask you to think of this: if you read a certain sentence or story of anything, you can receive it as you want to. In many ways. Unless the creator of that story or sentence tells you what they meant. That is why the verse above says 'not of the letter but of the Spirit'. The Holy Spirit is who leads you and unwraps the message of the Bible.

    Therefore - since it is also written that changing even a single word of it is sin - grabbing out a certain sentence of a certain environment has nothing to do with what the whole story is communicating.

    So if you decide to take His Word as truth you have to take the Spirit who will lead you through.

    About the muslim source i don't quite get what you meant. Chad read the Qur'an and also quoted from it many times. And also, the speech's aim was to see Islam from with the Christian view and see what the Bible says about it.
    And i believe the Bible is the truth so i don't need to seek anything else for my information.

    Hope i could explain well. P.S. I am a lady - since you called me Sir:)
  13. Want to reach Muslim?

    Get out of their holy areas.

    The Mount.
    The whole Saudi peninsula.

    After you clear out from there, you'l be showing enough respect to approach them within the Second Great Command.

    Not to mention you defuse their main argument for hating the west.
  14. Oops, forgive me sister for calling you Sir, I had no idea. And yes, you are very much a lady, and I sincerely do appreciate our mature discussion here.

    You’ve said many things in your post Kittif, all of which I fully respect, even though I disagree with some… (However I shall not challenge them).

    I whole heartedly admire the fact that you have come to a conclusion regarding your faith based on seeking the truth, instead of merely and blindly following in the footsteps of others. I, like you (21 years ago now back in 1993), had to find the truth for myself. Only the three Semitic religions appealed to me since they all claimed Divine revelations. Something I could examine; something I could reflect upon, and something I could falsify if I had to.

    For me, faith and reason are complementary, they harmonise each other and give balance to the whole being. Faith enables one to do good, but reason needs to be the guidance of that good. You see, faith without reason could be dangerous (in my opinion). And reason without faith has the potential to be even more dangerous. Why do I say that? Because reason (or intellect and rationality) devoid of faith can be evil if it is not guided by faith. A scientist with all his knowledge that is based on reason and rationality can be the most arrogant of arrogant human beings; allowing for his acquired knowledge to stand in the way of God’s wisdom and blessings. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that he is in fact abusing his God given intellect by choosing to divorce it completely from faith (which is an intuition, a flame, and a drive that lies deep within all of us). Now can you see the flip side to that coin Sister? So the way I see it, is that when you marry faith with reason, the outcome is a harmonious relationship between science and religion. These two need not be at loggerhead with each other.

    A Muslim, who hijacks a plane and kills its passengers, is operating on the same wave length as a Christian who corners a doctor and shoots him dead for carrying out an abortion on a woman. One applying reason without faith, whilst the other applying faith without reason….can you see how I’m viewing the big picture sister?

    Having said all the above, I still admire and fully respect your difference of opinion from my own…in fact, I welcome it! Had God almighty wished for all of us to be one minded; one colour, one race, one creed, one language…He could have very easily created us so. But to me, the test and trial of one’s faith is in the way we conduct ourselves towards each other despite our differences, no matter how dividing those differences may appear on the surface.

    So to conclude, I ask myself: is the intellect the enemy of faith? No, is my answer,. It is its twin brother.

    May God bless you sister. And again, I sincerely thank you for giving me some of your time.

  15. Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your contribution brother. I'd like to point out few facts if you wouldn't mind Sir.

    There are no non Muslims in Mecca. In fact, if you're not a Muslim you can not enter Mecca! That's how backward this Saudi government is brother. Actually, it's a Muslim country by name, and owners of the gold medal for ultimate hypocrisy! Kittif, in one of her posts above mentioned the word twisted when referring to the way some of her Muslim friends think. I tell you Dave, this whole Saudi county is twisted when it comes to Islam. Of course, I'm referring to the government here. Islam did not need France to give women their rights, it did it from day one...yet no woman can vote in that country....Islam is not to blame...its driver (and his supporters) are to be blamed here.

    The Muslim world does not hate the west, they hate the policies of some western governments Dave. I live in the west; my five daughters are born in the west, I represented the west on the world stage (in sport)'s not the west...and not its people per se.

    The second great commandment is the golden rule, that all sane (and unselfish) human beings need in order to move forward harmoniously with others who's views on the world is different from their own.

    Thank you for your input Dave, it's much appreciated mate.

  16. Agreed that Mecca is not allowable by law, it used to be back in the 1800s though. Which was in clear violation of the Law.

    And the policies are set by people in the West. To hate the policies, you must also hate the people that make them.

    Hence why extremists target people.

    I understand not all Muslims are extremists, most are not. They want what everyone else wants.

    But why give extremism fuel?

    Companies could easily employ western Muslims to work in those areas.
  17. Dave , are you not aware of the newspaper mentality; the talk back radio, the TV, the media as a whole Sir?! As we have anti this and anti that in the western media re Islam or anything else for that matter, it's likewise in the mid-east media. What one needs is for one to rise above all the propaganda that is dished out by both sides, and do some homework in order to balance his sanity...or one would certainly suffer mentality and spiritual with all the injustices and double standards that the whole world faces on a daily bases.

    Extremist target people because (as I've already explained to Kittif above), they choose to operate on reason alone, a reason and a rational that is devoid of faith..or faith that I would term twisted and selective! By that I mean, you pick and choose verses from the Quran that would suite your agenda and you go full steam ahead...blind to the bigger picture and the context from which these verses have come about.

    Islam clearly states that whoever kills a man without a valid reason, i.e. is as if he had killed the whole of humanity. And if a man saves a man, it is as if he has saved the whole of humanity. Why skip on that verse and pick and choose is what I'm saying brother.

    You say: "But why give extremism fuel?" I personally would not justify the action of an extremist irrespective of his reasons if and when innocent lives are involved in the killing. It's not a perfect world, that is a certainty,...wouldn't you agree? Furthermore, at times you don't have to give a greedy person a reason to act in a malice way towards you. We are all different.

    I hear what you're saying loud and clear...please know that Dave.

  18. Sura 7:157 = Lie
  19. Satan's deceptions'
  20. Theres some resources available 40 days of prayer for muslims, and also joy loewens blog has insights on reaching out to women and talking about Jesus.

    God bless you for speaking out and being salt and light to your muslim friends.

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