Reach out to those who seek meaning through the political process

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  1. Hey all,

    Throughout this election cycle - I have noticed so many people (both "conservative" and "liberal") who are seeking meaning and fulfillment through activism, political process, or party affiliation.

    I have realized that this is simply the result of institutionalized Atheism.. We all worship something and we all seek meaning in our lives. And if it's not God - it's something else...

    This is a huge opportunity for the church. I literally see these people crying out for meaning and fulfillment.... And the Media and the Parties keep telling them that they will find it in the political process.

    We need to figure out how to connect with these folks and show them where to find the meaning and fulfillment that they are so desperately seeking.

    Because they won't ever find it in political machinations.
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  2. Amen and the best place to start is to become so full of Jesus that He flows out of you and others see this and can sense it and want to know what it is.

    Christians who are living defeated, poor, run down, sick and seem with out hope are not going to do much in drawing others in.

    Christians who are constantly bashing other Christians and ministries will not be able to draw many in.

    We are to shine bright in this dark world. We as Christians are not to depend on this world system nor should we be moved, swayed or pulled down in limitations with society of today.

    If lack is in abundance in this world then the believer should be full of abundance.

    Yes the people are hurting, confused and lost.......... so I ask this one question of every Christian........does your life in Christ in all areas of your life beckon or warrant the lost to enter into what you have?

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  3. Agreed with both of you.

    Lots and lots of people, including church going people have actually made their religion "politics".

    That is sad but believe me it is very true. I have personally had to get between those people several times in the last 6 months when their tempers overcame their common sense.

    I had to rebuke church members for their attitude, language and anger over "nothing" except that the one they were talking to did not agree with their political choice for president.

    I use the word church member because I really question those who act like they acted are truly born again when they have more excitement and passion for a political choice than they do the Lord Jesus.
  4. I have seen the same.... Both inside the church and outside. That's why I posted this.

    I think we need to bring this issue to light within our churches... That our identity lies with Christ who saves us....

    But - I think this also needs to be a wake up call to our church leadership... There has been basically no work to equip the laity to serve God in their daily lives.

    Based on conversations I have had with a lot of Christians - their perception of "Service to God" or "ministry" is that this means volunteer "extracurricular" activities that fall under the official banner of "The Church"... Soup kitchen, Sunday school, youth group, bible study, shut in and prison ministries.... Activities which require the official blessing of your church leadership to participate.

    I think this incomplete picture ends up producing a situation where maybe people really don't identify primarily as Christ's.... Because they don't see how their daily life "out there in the world" is valid, actual service to God...

    They go to church on Sunday... Maybe think about the sermon for an hour... Maybe read their bible at night... And they wonder about why their church won't let them do any ministry with the church..... And they feel like they really aren't connected and that neither The Church, nor God cares about them.... And they just kinda drift plaintively till they find something which grabs ahold of them....

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  5. Hi John,
    I can agree some what about not all churches are equipping the saints for daily living as we should be.

    How ever much of the blame truly falls unto the believers. Many have become spiritually lazy and complain how bad things are or how God does not do this or that any more.

    These folks sit in church on Sunday thinking about monday. Now Monday through Saturday they give no thought to what was taught on sunday.

    They expect everything to fall into their lives with out doing and of the spiritual work required.

    No sir the ones who get a copy of the lesson on Sunday and listen to it all through the week and put it into practice with their families and seek God in this, well they see growth, they see provisions in a much greater sense and they tend to walk in victory.

    To blame the church is not always in the best interest when people are Not Seeking to change their lives.
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  6. Amen !!!! Absolutely true. Christianity is not being in a church on Sunday after reading Playboy on Saturday night.

    Sitting in a church does not make a person a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes him a car.

    We as Christians must put Sundays sermon into practical application Monday through Saturday.

    We as believers are called to put our hand to the plow and make a difference in the world around us.

    I think that is what we saw just happen. I for one believe that we saw God in action during this election process as the common everyday man told the elite know it alls and political correctness crowd that they rejected being taken for granted. If anyone has a better explanation of why Trump won, I would love to hear it.
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  7. Back to my OP....

    I saw several articles today that paint a petty sad picture.... And illustrate the point...

    A couple were lefty, a couple were righty... They were talking about couples breaking up, un-inviting family to events, dinners, and even weddings over the election.... Un-friending friends, and cutting off old friendships... Talking about even going so far as to refuse to let parents and grandparents see children and grandchilden because Trump won...

    It's been unilaterally the leftists talking about doing this to others, or conservatives sadly commenting about getting shut out.... I have not seen any conservatives talking about being the ones shutting out...

    But all this makes me extremely sad.. It seriously makes me worry about the USA..... And it paints a sad picture about our nation's spiritual state that a person's political party losing has leaves them completely despondent.... And that they are willing to reject parents, children, and grandchildren over election results.

    But there is a strong Ray of hope....

    The harvest is great, but the workers are few. There are millions of people out there crying for meaning and purpose in life.... And they literally have no idea what to do or where to turn. They are despondent because they know they were lied to.... And the rug was pulled out from under them....

    How do we reach out to them? Not to try to convert them to being conservative.... That's not the Way either...

    The real truth they need to know is that Jesus is the Way, The Truth, and The Light... He is the source of meaning and fulfillment that they are looking for...

    But for whatever reason - we aren't reaching out....
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  8. Once Believers get back to placing more importance in God and His Word and Ways over their lives and situations......then you will see more reaching out.
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  9. Many, many people my friend have made politics their religion.

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