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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Hi, you might have seen this error while trying to visit the forums in the last few hours. This error was caused by an anti-spam add-on that I had installed here a long time. Something triggered the add-on and it caused all IPs to be blocked. The issue is now resolved and the forums are back to normal. Sorry about the interruption.

    Special thanks to our tech expert @MattW from and to those who reported this issue via Facebook and emails.
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  2. All seems to be good now TY Jeffin.
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  3. Glad that I was able to reach you at the Facebook portal. (y)
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  4. I thought it was just me.
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    It happened to everyone. I am still investigating as to what triggered the block.
  6. This should all be fixed now. The required module has been re-installed so the webserver is seeing the correct IP addresses for members.
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  7. Thank you again to our CFS hero MattW. He has been here helping us out whenever we had technical issues with the forum and server. So happy to have known you. :)

    If you have a VPS that needs to be managed, I highly recommend MattW for all your tech needs.
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  8. Thank you Jeff (and team)!

    (But now I see that my posts are 'awaiting moderation approval'...)
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  9. On behalf of the team; you are welcome. :)
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  10. I missed it... been doing some studying and only now just got on and it already time for bed...
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  11. The forums blocked us all including me and showed us this message instead. This went on for a few hours. :)

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  12. Good! I thought someone hacked into my wifi network and used some spam bot!
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  13. Everything seems to be working alright now. :)
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