Rare Bethlehem “Superstar” Tonight: Venus and Jupiter Converging for First Time in 2,000 Years - See

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  1. While it is interesting, it happened just last year on 8/19/2014, in fact on 5/27/13 Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury were all together...

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  2. Doesn't the Bible say that the sun moves around the earth, and that the earth is stationary?

  3. No, it is observable that the earth goes around the sun.
  4. Then how come the Bible says that the sun goes around the earth?
  5. It does not, atleast not in the sense of space and astronomy. There are verses where the sun is said to hold still in the sky such as in Joshua. But you also must remember that nobody even had an idea of what the sun physically was.

    It is irrefutable and observable that the sun is stationary and the earth goes in the sun's orbit as God designed. The Earth's orbit is the reason why we have seasons.
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  6. Here are two photos I just took from our guest room. Jupiter on top, Venus on the bottom. (Little plane at their 1 o'clock) :) Thank the Lord for a perfectly clear night in Brussels!!


  7. The Earths orbit is not exactly circular, so it does affect the amount of energy we receive from the Sun.
    But, the reason for seasons is Earth wobbles on it's axis up to 23 degrees one way , then the other. When the North pole is tilted towards the sun the northern hemisphere has summer and the southern hemisphere winter. As the Earth wobbles back the other way, the seasons change to northern hemisphere winter, southern hemisphere summer.
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  8. It's 8:39 pm here but the sky is cloudy and it's drizzling, so thanks @Abdicate for the pics!!! I'll look a bit later to see if it clears. So which is it? every 2000 yrs. or not?
    (*edit)PS...they don't look conjunct in the pics
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  9. Just saw it here in Michigan. Along with a very bright moon. God's majesty is awesome!
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  10. Boohoo....couldn't see it in NY....still cloudy/drizzly.

    And I agree...God is majestically awesome as is His work.
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  11. A conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptical longitude, normally when observed from the Earth. A conjunction is an apparent phenomenon caused by perspective only: there is no close physical approach in space between the two objects involved.​

    It's not. See my reply in #2. I cannot fathom why they would say that.
  12. Thanks, I know what a conjunct is.....But I guess, I thought it would be like the video....and having studied astrology (bad silk) the conjunct is view at location/close within 5 degrees. Idk....it's been a long time, I defer to your knowledge.
  13. The reason for the seasons is that after Noahs flood, the earth was devasted. We now had huges seas, mountains and lakes due to water displacement. Before the flood, earth was perfect. We had no rain, only a gentle mist. Perfect weather.

    But as things went awry, God sent the flood and earth was never the same again. It got tilted on its axis. Read genesis.
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  14. And a year was 360 days long. In 701 BC it changed, world wide. No one knows why, but the word of God says it was Hezekiah's 10 degree reversal. The flood and Joshua's long day gave us the tilt and the 365.2425 days in a year. Other verses imply that the earth will lose its current orbit and burn on one side while the AC's HQ is in darkness. The day will be 16 hours long instead of 24... really rough times to come.
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  15. Im intrigued about all this.
    I mean, one side of earth is nearly completely water (the pacific ocean). Theres volcanoes all around. Will this be the lake of fire mentioned in revelation??
  16. Yes I saw this the other night. It was pretty spectacular !
  17. Wow I missed all of that ...but as me and my brother were walking home one night a few days ago. .the moon appeared T have a red-orange tint .
  18. In the US, the moon has been viewed over the last few days as having a red tint, and that is because of the vast forest fires in western Canada that has spilled it's ash and smoke high up into the atmosphere, and the jet stream has taken it down into the middle part of the USA.
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