Rapture, Resurrection And The 2nd Advent Of Christ

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Rusty, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. There are many ideas floating around over the centuries on this subject and I think they could use a new investigation.

    Please let's discuss and not preach here; take your time and post with thoughtfulness and kindness.

    I doubt few here are utter dummies on the subject, so please don't Sunday School fellow members by talking rhetorically, if possible.
  2. Another can of worms, I am just wondering who will use this as a springboard to promote their own theology and agenda. Why do you think they need new investigation? I will just stick with the old tried and tested interpretation, that there will be a 7 year period of Anti-Christ, the Jews get to build their temple and proclaim this person The Anti-Christ Messiah for getting it built, genuine peace in middle East. Anti-Christ takes world power, mark of beast, two witnesses end up dead , whole world sees them die, give presents, whole world sees them rise up after 3 days. 144000 go out and preach, Defiling of temple, Jews about to be wiped out, Christ returns.

    theres a lot more, but those are basic events. Rapture , who cares when it happens, it happens when it happens, its just we pray that those not raptured will see it for what it is then become believers themselves.
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  3. Can of worms? Hardly;I think this verse encourages Christians to have good reasons that can be explained, not complacency:
    I see the Resurrection in Christ IS "the hope".

    Sorry, Agricola, but your scenario is not very old. Developed during the Victorian era , actually.

    1830 ‘The initial development of the pre-tribulation doctrine, either by the trance-induced 20-year-old Margaret Macdonald's influence of Edward Irving or by John Nelson Darby.

    1855 Dr.John Cumming announces that Russia will invade Israel: The End: 0r The Proximate Signs of the Close of This Dispensation, Lecture ‘7. . .http://www.oxfordbiblechurch.co.uk/pages/books/the-imminent-invasion-of-israel/appendix-5.php

    1878 Publication of the immensely popular book by William E.
    Blackstone, Jesus Is Coming.

    1909 C. I. Scofield’s Scofield Reference Bible
  4. Rusty,

    I am coming in here to read and listen and respect your wishes. I come in peace. (white flag waving) I hope people post.

    I just wanted to share a little of my back ground. I thought like every Christian on this subject. I went to church, watched TBN and other TV preachers, read a booklet my Pastor taught about this. It was a healing, laying on hands, tongue speaking church.

    So what are your questions exactly...?

    So start out with a question on your post.
  5. Steve: Please do not start out here with assumptions; You have no concept of what "every other Christian" thinks on this subject, only those you were around. This forum is NOT...I repeat NOT and American forum: TBN and all of your good or bad experiences are yours....NOT everyone's.

    I'm clearly NOT asking questions, rather, as I stated, I am offering a platform for those who have NOT posted their ideas on this subject to be able to do so. You have made very clear on your own thread where you stand on this subject (some form of Preterism), so please: unless you have resolve your communication problems on your thread....don't detour this one....White flag or no white flag.
  6. :eek: Why would people want to post anything when you treat me as such? All I can do is turn the other cheek. I pray you get all the answers you need. I wish you the best.
  7. Steve: This thread is not about you.

    If you could only read the OP you will see it's purpose. I asked for thoughtfulness, and you started talking about yourself, and wanted me to ask questions. That, if you would have considered my posts, is not what this is about.

    You ignored me and Agricola....You did not follow the flow of the conversation.....You seem to want lots of attention.
    You are going about fellowship the wrong way.
  8. Obviously the millions over the past 40 years that have bought millions of books about End Times care. Whole Christian industries are built on this very topic.
  9. Achuly Agricola, that is not at all far fetched. A work colleague invited me to view the film "666 the man" or was it A theif in the night...Oh well.That started a chain of events that led you good people to be burdened with my presents presence. Sorry Rusty, I'll behave from now on.:notworthy:
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  10. No burden, you dag...we all know that line is a furphy...You're here for the cut lunch.
  11. This thread is off to a poor start. Since this is a well discussed topic, I am closing it before things get nasty.
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