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  1. Is it sinful? I was just watching this hell nde testimony and this girl said she was talking to God one day about the rock band she loves to listen to and her favorite guitarist. Than she had like a vision kind of thing of her favorite guitarist that his face was being burned repeatedly. Than it would resurface and continue burning. Im asking because rap music isnt Godly. Well at least the kind I like
  2. Then WHY do you listen to it?
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  3. I'm young I work in a bar. Its all I ever hear and it becomes catchy. The lyrics are garbage but somehow I still find it catchy not sure if its the instrumental or a combo of both that makes me keep listening
  4. It's the lyrics that aren't Godly. DC Talk did some Godly rap.

    Music is music. It's the lyrics that we need to pay attention to.

    My favorite band of all time is Petra (Third Day isn't bad)
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  5. Im probably just better off deleting all my music. Perhaps I can just listen to psalms while I'm at the gym .
  6. The lyrics have a way of embedding their message in you. I used to listen to heavy metal, with lyrics that may not have been "explicit" but they were definitely not Christian lyrics. It affects the way you think, and how you view things whether you know it or not.

    Now rap music is not the problem, nor is rock music, you can have Christian bands that use this genre of music to worship God
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  7. There is such a thing as Christian rap.
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  8. would it be ok to just listen to the beats instead? No lyrics
  9. I know I just like the mainstream music but I know its bad im going to get rid of it
  10. Never heard of DC Talk?
  11. Christian rap is kinda big nowadays. (y)
  12. A pastor that taught me alot about love and fellowship once pointed out that there is no ungody music (meaning styles), only ungodly lyrics.

    For awhile, I had a CD that I listened to in my truck. I liked the beat, and it did not lull me to sleep, or distract me from driving.

    I am not sure where it came from. My wife thinks it was in a case she found on the sidewalk one day...

    When I finaly listened to the words, I was appalled. One song in particular attributed everything bad that happened to him to a god with a 'sick sense of humor' and was laughing at him. That filth was going into my ears and subconscious!

    I destroyed that disc and the rest that came with it.
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  13. Yep!
  14. Well if they are songs you know, wouldn't you still associate the beats with the lyrics?
    I'm not saying you can't listen to secular music, I still listen to some metallica, iron maiden and classic rock. But it's just not as good as music that is written to worship God
  15. All music has it's purpose, some for good and some for bad. God uses sounds, and music big time. We are to make a "joyful" noise unto the Lord. When you hear music what effect has it on your heart? What is it causing you to think about? The Lord?

    1Co 14:8.. For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

    Even hearing the Word of God has its melodious sounds to it, like music. If the one preaching is not to sure of what they are saying then it is "uncertain" to it's hearers also. This kind of preaching is waste of time, and brings no certainty to it's hearers, even though it might gather a large crowd.

    Music, it's tempo and beat carry's no anointing of it's own, as that comes from the one playing it.
  16. Wu-tang 1993-1997.

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