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  1. Trying to hold my thoughts in captivity.

    Heavenly Father, Maker of all things, holy is Your name, please hear my supplication for I am not a righteous man. May it be Your will in this thread, as it is in heaven; lead it not towards The deciever. May it bear* good fruit to all who come here; for Yours is the Kingdom, and Power, for ever and ever. Amen.
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  2. 1. So much chaos in Syria. So many are dying and without a home. Everyday is extremely stressful. No rest and no peace for so many.
    2. So many new visitors to this site are trolls or not interested in discussion but only pressing their view. Easily get a headache.
    3. I just noticed the ''support'' advertisment for this site.
  3. When Jesus comes back I hope I will be made a gardener. When I see trees and plants, I see our Almighty Creator. Plants dont seem to be influenced by the prince of the power of the air.
  4. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, and grasping for the wind.

    Heavenly Father, Almighty God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, please hear the prayer of a man falling short of righteousness. May You, YWHW, and Jesus, have an awesome day full of Love and sharing. Please forgive my selfishness, arrogance, and vanity. I am very greatful for all You have provided. Ultimately, Your will be done, and not mine. Amen
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  5. It's always been that way. When you've been doing this as long as I have, you can usually predict exactly who won't be around in a month or two from their first post (or perhaps you already can). The trick, is being patient knowing that someone is a troll and waiting for them to reveal themselves. I'd feel better if I was wrong about it more often though...
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  6. Shalom Shabbat
  7. They say it takes about 3 months for a person to know your heart, but God knows all our hearts ;~)
  8. Did you know that Jesus and the 12 apostles had a car?

    Yep, they were all in one Accord ;/
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  9. My best friend Lucas used to pose this interesting thought every so often.
    Animals used to talk. Back in the Garden of Eden. Before the fall of man.
    Proof? The bible says that the serpent SPOKE or SAID to Eve, when it was tempting her. Thoughts?
    Also that story about Balam in the Old Testiment, with the talking donkey. I have no significant thought about this, just throwing it out there... The animal was able to talk... the story doesn't say that the animal had to learn to speak, but that it just spoke. Maybe all animals can still speak, but due to sin, for some reason they no longer can.
  10. I've haven't heard but the two times you mentioned of animals speaking in the bible. I do like that in the coming kingdom animals won't eat each other.

    It also makes me think why scientist spend millions and millions on trying to find out why animals can have brains almost identical to humans, but they can't reason or think like us? What their looking for is invisible, the human spirit, that interacts working with our brains, and if were lucky, Gods spirit too.

    The best form of communication today isn't cell phones or the internet, it's called prayer.
  11. The devil appeared as a serpent to Eve. God opened the donkeys mouth / spoke through the animal. Numbers 22:28 Then the Lord opened the donkey's mouth.

    The best I can imagine is that Adam had the brains and time to understand animals well. When a dog barks or a lion growls, they are talking ^^.
  12. I find it very interesting how God created us all different. Some of us are born with handicaps that even once saved, no amount of prayer removes. For all eternity, the Godhead, angels and all the saints will know person A and B as the people that lived with and overcame problems X and Y.
  13. Shalom Shabbat. May a peace that can only come from God(YHWH) be with you this Sabbath day.
  14. Love and giving. Take all that I am, use me, teach me, and cleanse me. You created me, I don't belong to me, it's not about me. Thank you Almighty Father God.
  15. I gotta do something drastic; like get off this PC and re-disorganize (clean) house.
  16. I have a silly song stuck in my head '''why is to so good, so good to be bad''. I keep replying to it ''because you are bad''.
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  17. NO. Stay on the pc. Clean the kitchen when next you eat. Wardrobe when next you change and bathroom when next you bath.
  18. It feels good to smile and I thank you for that KingJ. :)
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  19. I'll be in my office....please hold all my calls....be back soon.
  20. I think animals comunicate - my 2 cats are very mouthy when they want food or water. They have me well trained. They have people who they call "dog whisperer" and "horse whisperer". I knew someone who thought he could hear animal thoughts. He told me my cats called me mommy. Which in a way was kinda embaressing because when I talk to my cats, I refer to myself as "mommy". On the other hand - doesn't everyone do that? :) I think Adam & Eve could communicate with animals before the Fall. Coincidently, I watched "Blackfish" this AM - a film produced by CNN. It breaks my heart anew about what humans do to whales - if they aren't killing & eating them, they are enslaving them and wonder why they don't live long/have bent-floppy dorsal fins and occasionally eat a trainer. I think animals were different before the fall and will be again after the 2nd coming. Somethings to look forward to. Animals do the Will of God much better than we humans do - and animals only falter when we mess with them.

    Random thought - @dUmPsTeR is your Sabbath Saturday? I would miss you if you leave :cry:
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