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Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by Padelford, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Random thought

    If the universe started but humans were never created then all life on Earth would balanced and go on forever because all imbalances were made by humans... (except for volcanoes, asteroids, and all the other weird stuff but they don't really stop life so much as become a minor setback)
  2. Balance of the planet is not God's goal for creation. Sustaining life, as long as he desired it to be sustained, for His glory, is the purpose for creation. If God so desired balance, He is in no way prevented by mere humans in achieving it. Nothing escapes His presence. all is known to Him. And, regardless of how evil and ugly we are, or you think you are(referencing your other post) He loves us enough to sacrifice His own Son , so we would have a means by which to join Him in His Kingdom. Regardless of what you think you have done, or how awful you think it is. God loves you , and offers His grace to you. And chances are, somebody has done something that would make you look like Mother Theresa. God loves you, Brother. All you have to do is love Him back.

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