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  1. Esther, for her courage in the face of pretty bad odds. Or maybe its Ruth for her faithfulness to her mother-in-law, even to the point of leaving home. No, its got to be Debra for standing up to that general that didnt want to go fight without her.
    No,no,no, its got to be Elijah, the way he made fun of the pagan priests when they couldnt call down fire to burn their offerings. He could be so sarcastic! No, it has to be Paul. He was so human, and made it clear in scripture that he had flaws, and yet God used him mightily.
    No, wait maybe its.......

    Hmmmm, same question.
  2. That woman who washed His feet and dried them with her hair. That story would always be told in memorial of her. I think that's just so cool. It reminds me to wash some feet of the people that I meet, regardless of who I think they might be. Because everybody is loved by Christ and God.

    Same question. It's a good one.;)
  3. Hmm...I haven't read the whole Bible yet so I'm SURE this will change but I think I'd have to say Job. Everything was taken from him yet he remained faithful to God. He remained patient as well. When something doesn't go my way I forget all about God's timing and I end up getting mad. Something I'm working on, but Job already mastered it.

    Ok, this one's gonna take some thought. Most amazing God-encounter for you since you became Christian.

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