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  1. Nope. I don't think so. Never tried it. There's only two puddings in my world, chocolate and vanilla, heh. Get too fancy and I won't touch it. I've always been like that. Took me years to try a flavored iced coffee. Just the way God made me, I 'spose.

    Ever been lost in the wilderness/desert/at sea/etc?:(
  2. Not really. But I used to bike through the city not paying attention to where I'm going just to get lost. I'd make a game of it called "Okay now see if you can find your way home" :D That was quite a whle ago when I didn't know the city at all and I was way too young to be doing that. lol.

    Have you ever punched someone in the face? :eek:
  3. Only by accident! hee!

    Has anybody heard from Violet, lately?????:confused:
  4. Never met violet, so haven't seen violet but would like to :)

    Anyone go muddin and lost their fog lights?
  5. Actually, I have gone muddin! My husband and I drove up and down an extremely muddy hill in his Bronco, WAY before muddin was popular! (Hmmm, that was about 25 years ago! ack!) Cant say we lost our fog lights, though.

    Ever get washed out in the middle of nowhere and have to wait in the foggy night for help?
  6. Nope, can't say that I have had to wait for help in the foggyness...

    (haha, it takes talent --er carelessness-- to loose your fog lights LOL .. We found them half sticking out of the mud spot when it dried up)

    Ever been to the Arch in St. Louis?
  7. Nope. Can't say I have.

    Ever been up the Space Needle?
  8. Never been but sounds interesting!

    Anyone ever wheelie a motorcycle? LOL
  9. I couldn't even wheelie a regular-cycle.:eek::p

    What is the oddest pet you ever owned?
  10. Moths. Well my sister when we where young.

    Can you drink a whole soda bottle without stopping and making ugly faces?
  11. Nope. (gives me a stomach ache thinking about it!):D

    Ever been to the Grand Canyon?
  12. Yup.... What an awesome place.

    Have you ever eaten BBQ' d octapus ?
  13. Nope, BBQ octapus? I am not sure if I would eat regular octapus

    What is your most fun moment with your Dad?
  14. Fourth of July (I forget what year). He was acting crazy, we were having a picnic. Behind him in the sky, one of those big cannons went off -BOOM!-

    He staggered around dramatically holding his chest and said, "OW! That hurt my...that hurt my...I don't know, but it's hurtin!":)

    What's the worst temptation you've ever been faced with?
  15. I"d have to say smoking again. Its been getting worse lately. (the want-to)

    Has everybody gotten tired of the games?
  16. No way :D

    Have you ever prayed for somebody in a bus?
  17. Hm,clarification, please.

    Did you mean while you were on the bus? Or for a person on the bus?
  18. I have! Oooh! I have!:p

    I was on my way to visit a friend in Portland on the bus (when I practically went one-way and it was supposed to be a weekend visit). On the way into the city, I used to marvel at how junky it was and how everything seemed to be crammed so close together. Everybody seemed angry, in a hurry.

    I saw a homeless man crying on the curb.:( I prayed for him.

    How could anybody want to live in the city, I thought. Then I went to visit my friend, wound up moving in, got a job...became a city-boy for about two years.:eek:

    When you go out shopping: Paper (kill a tree) or plastic (strangle a fish)?
  19. plastic --and recycle it

    Favorite person in the bible (besides Jesus of course) and why?
  20. Jacob, He was VERY flawed, even deceitful, yet God chose him over Esau

    It makes my flawed self believe that Jesus could choose me too...

    Same question...it's a good one.

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