Random Question Game

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  1. Random Question Game

    All right, this is the easiest game EVER!

    Person 1 asks a question
    Person 2 answers and asks another question
    Person 3 answers and asks another question
    It can be about everything really: car color to the closest orange object near you... just think of something random!

    You know the deal.

    So I'll begin:

    What color is your toothbrush?
  2. White. Is Jesus your Saviour and Lord?
  3. Jea!

    Do you like tuna?
  4. No don't really like Tuna but I love Hallibit, Trout, and Salmon. Three things I've fished for and eaten.

    Do you ski/snowboard?
  5. no ..........can you name the 7 colors ofa rainbow.
  6. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

    Do you like walking in the leaves in Fall?
  7. Yes. In have my favorite park in seattle that gets really thick in leaves and has all kinds of different colors of trees in the fall. I take millions of pictures and my dog comes along and chases the falling leaves. I would love me some of that right now in fact.

    What other forums do you post at?
  8. None

    You don’t have to say what it is, but…

    Have you ever done anything that you have never told anybody about?
  9. uh...
    ive told my embarissing facts
    and hidden places

    what is the color of red apples?
  10. um.....red

    Do you have any pets?
  11. This bad boy right here


    Rusty says hi.

    What is your greatest joy? (not having to do with church, or organized religion, or this forum)
  12. red delicous acctually
    or granny smith
    or No. 1009
    (beats me)

    answering the question above me

    i love people
    anybody and everybody
    video games

    If your house were on fire whats the first thing that would come to your mind?
  13. -Yell "Everyone out" and make sure they do so. (Most likely assign someone to 911.)

    -Grab Fire extinguisher if the fire is small enough.

    -If it's hopeless, evacuate my Computer and all my toys. I'd grab the 7 items worth about $11K. lol.

    When you were younger did you ever race objects down the back lane in the spring time? (Popcylcle sticks, toothpicks, styrofoam...)
  14. Since I dont understand what that question is talking about, I would guess "no".

    If you could go anywhere, and do anything, money no object, what would you do?
  15. Either to go Vegas since I've never been, or go back to Whistler. It hasn't snowed up in the passes here for 2 weeks so I havn't gone snowboarding lately since the snow is so old and crappy. Whistler has good snow, + my Whistler sweatshirt has shrunk so I could use a better one.

    Can't think of an good questions so next person can do the same question.
  16. so i just thought of a good question

    i would get a log cabin in the mountains
    (my favorite get away)

    Who would you save first from a drowning car?
    Your spiritually safe mom/dad (knowing they'll go to heaven) or
    Your spiritually unstable acquaintance (not sure where they'll go)

  17. I would go to Israel. I want to walk on the ground that Jesus walked on.

    If you could have dinner with any man or woman… living or dead, (excluding Jesus), who would it be and why?

  18. Oops, missed this one.

    No picking and choosing, I would just start with whoever was closest and try to save all three.

    Have you ever been close to death?
  19. Not really, other than the occasionaly dumb driver that almost hits me or the time that the windhield of a plane cracked and made an emergency landing, but thats not really a close call, more of a pain and a waste of a day riding home in a bus for 8 hours.

    What's you favorite song and who's it by?
  20. Kiss on my list, by Hall and Oates.

    Reminds me of when my wife and i first dated.

    Q: If you could meet one person, living, on this earth who would it be.

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