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  1. RAM Question

    I'm just installing Vista again on my 2nd HDD. (I have XP Home on another)

    I just bought a 2x2GB kit of 1066MHz RAM. I previously had 2x1GB of 800MHz, and the guy at the store said it's better to replace the 2GB with the new 4GB, because 4GB of 1066 is better than 6GB of 800. My question is, if this is really true, for gaming mostly.... and also just wanted to see if there's any way to make those 1066's work with the 800s, while not slowing down to their speed.... Does dual channel not do that?


  2. well alot of it depends on your mother board. if its an older mother board chances are it can not acocmidate sticks of 4GB ram. another thing are you planning on useing the 1GB ram along with the 2GB ram? if you are you wasted money on buying the 1066 ram because it will only be as fast as the slowest ram. if you go with the 2x 2GB 1066 your comp will be fast i only have 2GB ram and i do a fair bit of gaming and dont even use half of it.
  3. MB is an eVGA 680i SLI

    Video Card is an eVGA GTX280

    I know the faster RAM slows to the slower speed when you mix. Just wondering if dual channel allows you to use both at the appropriate speeds at the same time. If not, then I just want to make sure it's better to use 4GB of faster RAM than 6GB of it going at the slower rate.

    Vista uses a lot of RAM, I think before when I had 2GB it was using 1GB just sitting on the desktop. :O
  4. yes with vista you can have a ton of ram (i think its somthing like 32GB im not to sure) as far as mixing it no matter if its dual channel or not the ram will only go as fast as the slowest ram though im sure you will be plenty happy with the 4GB i know i noticed a BIG difference when i went from 1GB to 2GB so i can only imagine what the difference would be from 2GB of 800MHz ram to 4GB of 1066MHz (im kinda jelous tbh lol)

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