Raising My daughter

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  1. Raising My daughter

    :DHello everyone!!

    My wife and I were blessed with a beautiful Baby Girl 9 months ago and we are starting to talk about how were going to go about raising her. You see, We are Christians, But the difference is, We are not giving in AT ALL to society in its perverted ways. We have gotten alot of Critisism from other people when we talk about home school and movie watching etc. I mean , me and my wife are giving up our movies that we love so we can be an example, and the things that we enjoy just to show my little girl that that is not how mommy and daddy live, So she shouldent live like that either. I have heard that little ones learn just about everything from their parents. So we are TRYING!! (its hard) to mold ourselves to be on our best behavio for her and for God. Do any of you Home school?? I would just like to hear from some of you that are Strict Parents but of course good ones!! Love you guys!!
  2. In todays society and the path that most Public schools are choosing to take I think that "Home Schooling" can be more rewarding and by all means safer. My stepdaughter has been Home Schooling her four children ever since they were at the age of learning and they are doing very well. By the way the statistics for Home School children is very high.
    You mentioned that you and your wife were giving up movies that you and she "love" because they reflect a negative light for your daughter. It seems to me that if these particular movies are giving you a bad feeling then they were probably not approved by Jesus. Let your heart be your guide. This is your child (a gift from God). You and your wife are going to do just fine. Here is a link that may be of a little interest to you.
  3. Believerintheword I love your heart! We did the home schooling thing for many years with great sucess. One thing you do need to condiser is that your child will need social developement as well as mental and spiritual. Many Christian homeschoolers actually network and have get togeathers, events and physical education classes at a local ymca type facility. May God richly bless you and give you wisdom , your brother Larry
  4. We love you too!!!
    I think you are already on the right track!


  5. yeaaaaah homeschool!
  6. It sounds as though you are off to a great start. It is great to see a parent who is committed to raising their child in the best way that they possibly can. So many parents these days are more concerned with themselves and their own world. Case in point, I saw a mother the other day driving her SUV, talking on the cell phone, while her 2 year old (estimated age) was hanging out the backseat window-- literally. He was halfway out. :eek:

    I homeschool my oldest two children (my youngest isn't old enough yet for formal education). We also do not have cable television, and I am restrictive in what types of shows/ movies/ video games that they can play.

    Keep up the good work in raising your little one.:)
  7. I have a neibour who home schools all five of her children and when I see them playing outside .... I can hear the difference. They are kind and loving towards each other and when I talk to them they are polite and respectful. I say kudos to home school if at all possible. The children will be better adults in society.
  8. I've homeschooled my own kids in the past. But, not for their whole lives. I have known many homeschooled kids over the years, and there is a warning. The problem with "sheltering" children, is that eventually they get out on their own and see the 'real world'. Often, it's simply too much for them to handle, because they've never seen the "grey areas".

    I also don't have any answers on how to approach that situation. It is best to provide a proper example of life while raising your children, but in the end, we have to realize that we are preparing them for adult life in a very secular world.
  9. in the world

    The Word tells us that we are to be in the world but not of it. That means that we should not isolate or in any way hide from the world. Sheltering your daughter may be a good thing but be sure NOT to do it out of a spirit of fear. That would be counterproductive.

    The post above about children eventually finding out what the world is about is very true. Children need to learn about the temptations of the world and how to get past them, not to hide from them.

    God Bless
    Spearfish, SD
  10. believerintheword,

    Congrats on your little girl. I know exactly how you feel. I have two girls, one is just turning three and the other one is also nine months old.

    My wife and I have debated over schooling for a while now and have decided against home schooling for two reasons. Firstly neither myself or my wife are blessed in the area of teaching and secondly we feel that we do not want to shelter our daughters. They will eventually have to face this world at some stage.

    We have decided on sending them to Christian schools. We are blessed that our church is highly involved in a number of very good Christian schools and we know many of the teachers personally.

    Explore all your options, speak to your pastors and especially the youth pastors who deal with these issues and get their advise. Above all pray for Gods guidance and protection for your family.

    In the mean time enjoy every minute with your daughter, before you know it she will be telling you what to do. :)

    God Bless
  11. We must in the end follow our conscience. Home schooling worked out fine for us and my kids did not have trouble finding out about the world. It makes it's presence known thru others. But just so no one gets a mis.conception homeschooling does not mean we bury our kids in a hole and hide whats going on from them.
    Anyway the best advice anyone could give is for mom and dad to pray and put their most precious treasure right where God directs. Have an awesome and a blessed day, brother Larry

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