Rain storms in the mid part of the US - May through September, 2017

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  1. If you happen to see an old man with a white beard and a white robe building a really large boat and loading animals on board two by two, don't be surprised...
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  2. LOL....
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  3. What is going on in the world!!!!!

    We in the UK have had no rain for weeks (and a heatwave). Yesterday we had (apparently) one month's worth of rain in one day??? It rained solidly for over 12 hours. Unheard of!

    I don't know about the old man with the beard, but I'm seriously considering taking boat building classes...
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  4. Annie - When the east central Tropical Pacific surface water temperature is slightly above normal, it is called "El Nino." A cooler than normal Tropical Pacific surface water temperature condition is called "La Nina". The Tropical Pacific is in a minor warm surface water cycle at the moment and this minor El Nino can influence the Jet Stream and the low pressure weather systems associated with the Jet Stream. There can be more closely spaced toughs and ridges in the Jet Stream with even a minor El Nino condition and this may translate into more frequent rain storms over North America and many places in Europe and the UK. This El Nino cycle is sometimes affected by sunspot activity, solar plasma, solar wind and their effects on earth's magnetosphere. Some radical activists will say that it is man's fault, however that is not supported in climate history. These Tropical Pacific warm and cool cycles have been taking place for hundreds of millions of years and are a normal part of earth's climatology.

    There can be many atmospheric influences on the Jet Stream, but here is one study that you may find interesting:

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  5. Wow! I read the link and it pretty much says that we get EVERYBODY ELSE'S weather!

    I watched a TV programme a while ago which noted a South American country. This place had the perfect climate. It was never too cold to need central heating, and never too hot to need air conditioning. If only I could remember the name of the place, I'd be there. Do you know where this place is?
  6. The most consistent weather in Ecuador is up in the mountains in towns and cities like Cuenca, Otavalo, Vilcabamba, and Quito as well as some of the communities in the foothills of Uruguay.
  7. Ecuador sounds about right. The place I saw was definitely in the mountains, very lush and green. Also it was full of retired English and American couples LOL Now their secret is out! It looked beautiful:)
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