Rabbit safe fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by hgomez2, May 14, 2008.

  1. Rabbit safe fertilizer?

    Anyone know of organic fertilizer that would be safe more my rabbit who eats our grass?
  2. You may have to check online for an organic fertilizer if you can't find it locally.
    If you just want 'natural', Walmart sells cow manure.
  3. Cow manure is too processed to be a good fertilizer. Try chicken manure or good old fish fertilizer (kelp is good too if you can find it).
  4. And, cow manure stinks. It's worse than horse manure! :p
    Composting helps, as well, along with the manure/fertilizer.
  5. Rabbit manure is actualy suposed to be great fertilizer.:D
  6. It is great-rose growers grow prize winning roses with it!!~!:)
  7. Our roses grow big but maybe I'll use that to make them BIGGER. :D
  8. Sure on roses-even vegatables=rabbits are herbavores.:)
  9. my poor roses get all withered from the heat :(

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