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Discussion in 'Humor' started by KitsapGirl, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Quote of the Week....

    Okay, so here at work I have a dry erase board that I'm fond of putting quotes and funny sayings on. I change the message weekly. My coworkers really enjoy my sideways view of the world. Most of them are tongue-in-cheek, or a way to poke fun at myself. I though I might share some of them with you guys....

    this week:

    "There are 2 theories to successfully argue with a woman...neither one works."
  2. i have 1 theory to counter it is do as your told.:)
  3. Sounds good to me.
  4. i work on faith not works my dear girl.i hunter you gatherer.1 sows the other harvests.in other words cook my tea .lol.:D
  5. You know what sometimes you are out of line and Kitsapgirl was using this for quotes so if you have some then put them , if not then don't sabotage this thread. Please Michael and I am not saying this to be mean.
  6. ok,if you meet me on my wrong week dont worry,i have 3 more to make it up to you.:D
  7. ????????? Now you're talking in riddles again.
  8. joke womens thing.:).
  9. Ok , Michael..... If I had a white flag I would wave it........ LOL Kitsapgirl..... I am sorry Michael made me do it ....He He He

  10. your to serious dusty ,lol,i,m a good guy you will get my humour someday.:)
  11. If you say so Michael.... I get it sometimes and then there are other times when I don't. I guess it's the British humour. But look what we did ..... Now Kitsapgirl is going to be upset so I am withdrawing now . If you want to start your own thread ...then do it. But it better be funny cause this is the humour section. Tee HEE.
  12. we have had it all over here,you gotta laugh or go mad.:)

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