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  1. Quick question

    Matthew 10:28
    Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

    Why did they capitalize the word 'One' as if the person they're speaking of is someone to respect? Isn't who they're talking about Satan?
  2. hold up

    ps I just realized that when you click the link it automatically gave you, they don't say 'the One', they say 'him', and they don't capitalize it. Not sure why mine is capitalized, or who they're even referring to!!
  3. be careful of the bibles you read.
  4. kitsap-I'm confused

    and smellycat-It's the Quest Study Bible that my pastor recommended me to. It's highly popular among Christians, so I'm a little confused.
  5. try the kjv.be careful about scripture,:mad:
  6. motives,motives,motives.
  7. IHLC,

    Don't let the little things keep you from the main thing.

    "The one", "the person", "him" "them(KJV)"what ever a translation says can be any one or group who has at a given time the capasity to kill the body. What they are called or who they are is irrelavant. They can kill only the body.
    What this verse is saying is that one who has the ability to take your life isn't the one to be feared. But the one"God" who can kill the body and soal is.

    Don't make the mistake as many have of getting too involved with the differances in translations.
    If you are in Christ and Christ in you the Holy Spirit will not let you be mislead. One translation may give one person a better understanding than another, but all things work for the profit of those who love him.
    The two most important things in quoting and studying scripture are context and context. Before and after at least ten verses ,better 20 or the whole chapter that the studied scripture is in.

  8. It is refering to God the Father. Don't get hung up on minor differences between translations.
  9. you can,t defeat the evil ONE,if in another line it says be only scared of the ONE who kills the spirit.makes what you read a load of rubbish.making you think the jekyll hide senario,which is rubbish.soon Lord very soon.
  10. they try to subtle get behind your reasoning like the creeps they are,tell all this.
  11. HI ,

    This verse fear the 'One' is referring to "God" not satan, only God can destroy the soul, not Satan he is a created finite being with limited power. He can only do what "GOD ALLOWES HIM TO DO'

  12. That's what I was thinking yesterday...they got it wrong, I was thinking, the one that they're talking about is the One in heaven. God. He has authority (alone) to send someone to hell. Not man. Not the devil. Not even Clinton.:p

    But then I read it over again...the one who can destroy the body and soul in hell.

    Our God isn't in hell, is He?
  13. Viewed in the right context WW it is refering to God who is the judge and only one who can sentence one to hell.
  14. Gotcha Bo.

    Then that brings me to another thought...I know this is one of those old sausages that we've gnawed on before, but I can't help it.

    If the body and soul are destroyed in hell...then it wouldn't be eternal, would it? Whaddaya think?
  15. I thought you had answered your own question...I was running to the phone at the same time...then the people below answered the question...I was too late...
  16. if there is no escape from hell then your body and soul would have no hope for ever.a bit like groundhog day but in pain.i have no idea,not planning on finding out,1 chance try my best not to :)follow lies.
  17. Oh, ok lol. :D
  18. Basically its eternal destruction - the body is destroyed over and over again forever...

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