Quick, Help My Friend Who Was Recently Saved.

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  1. I have a friend going through a spiritual battle after recently being saved on December 30th 2012. He does not realize he is going through this, but after talking to him and hearing the questions that are beginning to come up as well as his friends who are have athiest type discussions with him, I know Satan is trying to pull him back.

    Of course, I forgot to warn him of this, but regardless I told him today that this will happen. It will probably get worse. I need for any of you to provide me with some great resources that I can provide him if he has any questions or concerns. Websites preferred. Also, something on how Satan tempts new believers would be great. I did some research on my own, but since I don't always trust my judgement and I know that many of you have much more knowledge than myself, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
  2. Mostly, if we still entertain our previous life we are still being lead to the water. If he has been saved, he must immediately remove all un-Godly friends from his inner circle and take up his cross (Matt 16:24).

    2 Cor 6:14-15
    14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

    Then explain to him that atheism is killed in Romans 1:20 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

    Then....:) what I have been doing of late may help. Explain to Him that God holds himself to scripture. We know this from the most extreme example of Jesus. 'It is written', the wages of sin is death, Jesus could not escape death for our sins if He wanted to save us (Luke 22:42). This means that if God says He is good, He is good. If God says He is impartial, He is impartial. We may not always understand the workings of scripture with our limited brains, but we have to work our way backwards from scripture as the absolute truth. The Holy Spirit is hear to help him / us. He can pray and ask God questions expecting an answer! We have need that know-one teach us (1 John 2:27). But yet we must not forsake church meetings (Heb 10:25).
  3. Thank you KingJ:cool: . Unfortuantley, there is no way he would step away from his non Christian friends. He is VERY NEW and still has lots of questions. All of his friends except myself and one other person are not Christians, so it would be very hard to recommend this to him. His pregnant fiance is not Christian as well. I'm at a bit of a dilemma with that particular suggestion, though I believe it holds true if you want to remain steadfast in your walk with the Lord.

    Also, he questions the scripture because one of his atheist friends stated that verses/chapters were added. You can find it if you do a google search as well. He actually read the bible from front to cover back in college as well (he's now 40) and questions things like polygamy, whether the bible is literal or figurative, etc. That's why I was hoping to get websites that reaffirm his belief and answers all or most of his questions.
  4. These versus came to me immediately after reading your post:

    1 Corinthians 1:18,25: 2:14; 3:19

    Maybe he needs them to combat the ideology of his 'friends'?

    My best advice: get him to a Bible believing church ASAP. New Christians are devoured without fellowship.

    Re-reading the Bible as a believer is a must. I would advise him to read the Gospels starting with John, then Mark, Matthew, followed by Luke. Dig into the New Testament (avoid The Revelation- for now...)
  5. Thank you, Dirty, unfortunately, he's already read the bible...he also fellowships with me at the same church..:unsure:
  6. answersingenesis.org

    As a believer-we should 'delight' in the word of God. Psalm 112:1; 119:35,47
  7. I love Christnotes, thanks!
  8. Definitely sounds like he is not saved. Their is a battle taking place for his soul. Atheists, the devil and all the un-Godly like to quote half truths from the bible. Even the contradictions are retarded. They don't look beyond their nose when reading scripture. Like Jesus said to the pharisees....You know the scriptures, yay, good job!! well done!!! but you FAIL to see they point to me!! Sadly the bible flies over the head of God haters. Only the righteous seeking to find God in truth and spirit will be able to grasp scripture and all its ''contradictions''. I am busy writing a children's book on ''Christian logic''. I encourage young Christians to use common sense and ''maths'' (bear with me, its simple trig ;)) to find the truth when reading scripture. It may help him. Example: In a trig triangle if you know 2 sides with certainty, you can calculate (not assume) the third. Side 1 = God destroyed many Egyptians. Side 2 = God warned them many times and sent Jesus to die for all mankind. Side 3 = God loved the Egyptians a lot! They brought destruction upon themselves. It saddened God to kill them! See the devil and atheists will only quote side 1 and assume side 3. They are devious and not interested in the truth!

    You will waste your time trying to convince this guy that atheism is tripe and the bible is the truth! Just try your best to sow spirit lead seed. Don't fall into a trap the devil wants you in! which is likely endless debate! that drain YOU!!!! If he is seeking, he WILL sense and instinctively know that atheism is tripe. Like Rom 1:20 points out.

    My dad is atheist. I have cornered him many times on scripture and had endless debates! But with no judge he will not accept he lost them all. When I put him in a corner he just wiggles out like he wasn't in one. I have learnt well that this is not how to get him back on track. Prayer and sowing a seed in season seems the only way for now. His heart is hard. Truth bounces off it. It can so easily become casting pearl before swine.

    I must laugh though. Have you ever watched some of these atheists interrogate Christians on you-tube? They seem to pick the dumbest! So that they don't look too dumb I guess.

    If you are asked any questions that you don't know and need help with for yourself, just ask them here. Exposing atheist half truths is essential for young Christians. Your friend still has to become one imho (no offence), that's why I say its only a waste of time at the moment to debate. It will be circular!
  9. I asked him today, honestly if he stood up to get saved for me or because he truly felt the spirit of the Lord. He said the latter and that of all the times he went to church with his ex (who he, ironically, broke up with because she wanted to be with a Christian man and so he tried, but said it wasn't for him), he never stood up.

    In fact, when he began going to church I didn't even know. He hid it from me because I had invited him so many times and he said "I want to take this journey on my own and not have you think I'm doing it for you...to be with you."

    There is no doubt in my mind that he is very elementary in his thoughts and questions, but I also know he believes in God. In my heart of hearts, KingJ, I truly believe God has put him in my life so that he can be saved.

    It is a process, however. I went years believing in God and Jesus and going to church occasionally, but still dating non Christians as well as going to the bars and drinking. I was afraid to mention God. Then something changed in the summer of last year. I felt the urge to attend church by myself every Sunday (told almost no one). I put the the daily devotional that my assistant manager gave me, in clear view for all my customers to see on my desk. I seemed to keep accidentally running into Christians and having talks with them. I even ran into a random pastors wife at Starbucks and her story was amazing. People began praying with me at my desk in the bank I worked at. Let me tell you, my desk was in eyesight of everyone, but I didn't care! PRAISE THE LORD!!
    I JUST KNEW the Lord was calling me. I didn't know why, but I just knew. To this day, I still do not know, but him and I are slowly working that out. (y)

    I stopped caring about what people thought and started professing the Lords name. Every time something good came in my life, I had no shame giving it to Him and telling people about what HE had done. I am now in the middle of a fast. I have rarely gone out in the past 30 days and I mean BARELY (I work from home to top it off). I deactivated my facebook and hence, few, if any invites to things. I wake up thinking of the Lord, I talk to him throughout the day, I go on this site (because most of my previous friends were not Christian), I do research and I go to bed praying to him. I am not sure what will happen once all of this is over, but I hope that He will give me victory over this disgusting disease.

    My apologies for going way off topic. The point I was trying to make was that being saved, at least for myself, was a process, but that doesn't make me any less Christian (I could be wrong, but God is my man and I know he loves me, even though He is very disappointing with me at times).
  10. If you try to go on a mission to change your friends mind about his current course, you may push him towards what you fear. God may be calling you to walk along side your friend as a christian.

    I dont think theres anything you need to do other than just be his best friend.
  11. Thanks Chris. I think you're right. I was starting to come down on him a bit too much, mainly due to frustration, but I started to back off because I thought of how I would have reacted (and how I have acted) when others treated me the same. It's definitely not a good idea in the beginning. I just don't want him falling off track so quickly in the beginning. Well, we're not talking right now anyway, so it's up to him to keep going.
  12. Funny, my friends ^ name is Chris too. (y)

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