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  1. My oldest son has been asking me some questions that I don't know how to answer. He is autistic and he is a big worry wart. He asks me when he's going to die, when I'm going to die, what will he do in heaven, and recently he said he wants to get a big ladder that reaches heaven so he can go get his sister and his maw maw and bring them back with him. I told him they can't stay with us, that they have to stay in heaven and he asked me why? These are such heartbreaking questions and I don't know how to answer them. he has a hard time understanding things as it is. How do I explain this to him?
  2. Even I wouldn't know how to answer these questions.. You used the right work.. Heartbreaking.. These are the moments when we should seek wisdom from Lord.. He will put the right words in our mouth.. I will remember your family in my prayers..
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  3. My nephew at one point wanted to build a spaceship and get is great grandparents from heaven. We told him they were with Jesus and said he would have room for Jesus as well. How old is your son? If I'm correct autistic kids have a hard time letting go? I would read him bible stories and just reassure him heaven is a great and fun place to be. Then maybe he won't feel he needs rescue anyone.
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    That's very sweet!

    Sorry if I cannot relate : ) ..... IMO: it is not the kids who worry, it is the adult who worry and kids can sense that....

    ,,,,, kids just have action plans: and they make plans based on the feelings they see around....

    it's a process as psychiatrist Carl Jung noted (which I agree, observe): kids dreams to save the world (superman, superheroes thinking)

    The challenge, I think, is to keep the kids busy here…. so they get busy for the NOW, and not on the FUTURE….
  5. Well, since it has been said................. Kids only mimic what they have seen and grown up with. If they have seen doubt about things, fear of things, worry about things. They learn that.

    Also things we let them watch. Disney is full of fear and unbelief.
    I was watching some Disney thing briefly (Good Luck Charlie) and several scenes Kids lied to their parents, discussions of not giving the whole truth. Parents are stupid. They tried to make it funny, but It's all demonic.
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  6. I agree, a lot of this stuff on television that is rated G is completely demonic. On basic television, some of the most demonic shows I know of are, Modern family, Glee, The new normal, the view, pretty little liar, scandal.

    It would be interesting if a thread was made listing all the demonic shows/movies on tv.
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  7. Did anyone create this thread?
  8. I'm not sure, I didn't.
  9. Hello Tina, did you get the answers you werelooking for on this subject?
  10. Tina, tell your son, those who are born again with Jesus Christ dwelling in them, are never separated from each other as we are all living in Christ, and we are all one in Him. We might not see them with our eyes, yet they are there. We can have fellowship with the saints in light as The Apostle John wrote... 1 John 1:3 "that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that you also may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the Father and his Son Jesus Christ"
  11. Is your son baptized? Does he know about Jesus..?

    I remember when I would get panicky, I could feel something warm in y chest and would calm down :)

    I'm sure God will do the same for him.

    And i agree with others who say kids mimic what they see they're parents...if your afriad,panicky and pacing..they'll develop that fear too.

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